The NFT marketplace is a platform where you can buy and sell NFT art. NFT art is a record of creators and owners using blockchain technology, proving its unique value. At the NFT Marketplace, users are free to create NFT art and make profits by buying and selling NFTs.

For those who have doubts, this article will explain selections of NFT marketplaces worldwide, points to note when using them, and points to consider when selecting them. With the NFT Marketplace, you can list, buy, sell NFTs and make a profit. If you are interested in NFT Marketplace and want to trade, please keep reading and look until the end!

Key points when choosing an NFT marketplace

The key points when choosing an NFT marketplace are as follows.

●       Whether or not you want an NFT

●       reliability

●       commission

●       Convenience

Whether or not you want an NFT

Unless you want to list NFT art, of course, first check for the NFT you want. Each marketplace has its characteristics, and the content listed also differs. For example, Coincheck NFT mainly sells items that can be used in games, and NFT art cannot be purchased.

In addition, the numbers of listings varies greatly depending on the marketplace, so if you have not yet decided on the content you want to purchase, please use the market with a large number of listings and handles various genres.


Once you’ve found a marketplace with the NFT art you want, it’s time to check its reliability. Although the NFT market is still young, many companies are developing new marketplaces and growing. If you use a marketplace that you do not understand well, there is a high possibility that you will encounter troubles such as fraud because there are also malicious users.

NFT has the characteristic that it can prove unique by blockchain but originally copied art and content that ignores copyright are also exhibited. Be sure to research where the marketplace is operated to determine if you can trust it. Since the number of users is also a reliable point other than the operator, we recommend using the famous marketplace introduced in this article.


Next, let’s check how much is charged on various fees. If you want to make a profit by selling or buying NFT art, it is important to use the marketplace where the commission is as low as possible. Please note that there are many fees, especially when trading on Ethereum.


Some marketplaces, such as Opensea, have many users overseas, but they may not support some local currency payments or may have few currencies. If convenience is your top priority, use a domestic marketplace, NFT, which is available in your locality and has many currencies.

How to sell digital art

If you have experience in creating digital art, why not consider listing it on the NFT Marketplace during this period? I will tell you “how to sell digital art” in three steps. The following process is how to make or sell your digital art:

●       Prepare digital art to be exhibited as NFT

●       Register with NFT Marketplace

●       Pay the “gas fee” if necessary and complete the listing procedure.

Here, we will explain the general method of creating and selling NFTs.

Prepare digital art to be exhibited as NFT.

First, let’s prepare digital art to be exhibited as NFT. However, if you are a regular creator of digital art, you do not need to prepare any special tools. It’s a big advantage for artists because you don’t have to spend money when creating NFTs. Create digital art such as “images” and “music” with the tools you use all the time.

Register with NFT Marketplace

Once you have the digital art to sell as an NFT, let’s proceed with the “registration work” at the marketplace where you plan to sell it. The major NFT Marketplace that we recommend are:

●       OpenSea

●       Ember

●       Solana NFT etc.

It is best to decide the marketplace to use according to the type of digital art, but “Open Sea” has a large transaction volume globally and can be used in general.

Depending on the marketplace, it may be necessary to set detailed information and additional information on digital art at the time of registration, so in such cases, enter it according to the instructions.

Pay the “gas fee” if necessary and complete the listing procedure.

After registering digital art in the marketplace, the final listing procedure is completed. During the listing procedure, set conditions such as “sales format” and “sales period.” There are no particularly recommended conditions, so please set the conditions such as price by referring to the selling method of other NFTs.

Depending on the marketplace you are selling, the seller may also pay a fee called the “gas fee.” Since you need to receive virtual currency at the time of sale, you need to open an account on the virtual currency exchange and create a web wallet. You can list NFT by the above procedure, so if you want to list NFT, please refer to this link.

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