More than 500,000 international students are currently studying in different study programs in the entire country of Canada. Students who choose to study in Canada get benefit from a renowned education.

These students after graduation have incredible career opportunities and get permanent residence in Canada. The whole pathway from study to settlement can be summed up in three words, learn, earn and stay.

First step: LEARN

Many international students are choosing Canada as an utmost destination over other countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia and France. Because Canada provide the opportunity to the students to work while studying, a better job after graduation and they can even choose to stay in Canada permanently.

  • International students can work for up to 20 hours per week during study and in between semester breaks they can get a full time basis job.
  • The total costs including tuition fee, accommodation, food, transport and daily living necessities are much lower in Canada for international students than in other countries.
  • The family of the international student can accompany the student in Canada.
  • The spouse or partner of the student can even obtain an open work permit in Canada. They are allowed to work at any hour with the work permit.
  • International students can also bring their children with them in Canada and they can get admission in one of Canada’s public elementary or secondary school without their own study permit.
  • By the QC World University Rankings, the largest cities of Canada are ranked among the best cities for students. Montreal is ranked the best city for international students in the entire world then Vancouver and Toronto are.
  • Graduate students can first study and then work for whole three years on the basis of open post-graduation work permit.
  • After completing graduation, international students are allowed to apply for the permanent residence. Unlike other countries making things difficult for them Canadian government is much flexible in the whole study to residence process.
  • But it is a must that you find a suitable study program, school, college or university to study and stay in Canada.
  • All those international students who want to study in Canada for more than six months they need study permit. One can apply for study permit if he/she has got an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution which is a crucial process. A designated learning institution is approved by a provincial or government sovereignty to host international students.
  • Next step is to get admitted in the chosen college or university. For this purpose, a student should know the exact information about the application deadlines, language requirements and other entrance requirements to study in Canada.
  • A letter of acceptance is issued by a designated learning institution (DLI) and without this document study permit is not granted.

Second Step: EARN

  • After getting admission in any of their chosen college or university in Canada, international students can first study and then work in Canada.
  • Non-Canadian students can also work before completing their graduation on the basis of post-graduation work permit. It is a big earning opportunity for them.
  • Post-graduation work permit is an open work permit which allows the students to work anywhere in Canada for maximum three years while studying. It is the best opportunity for international students to study, earn and stay for a long term life in Canada.

Third Step: STAY

Earning while studying is the best advantage for international students to stay in Canada for a longer term. They can even stay permanently in Canada on the basis of work. They may apply for Canadian permanent resident status while studying in Canada or after completing their studies, only after completing the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Program. Express Entry System is the main admittance step through which IRCC selects the new permanent residents.

Following are the main Canadian Immigration Programs or Express Entry System that an international student may consider;

  • Canadian Experience Class

Canadian experience class (CEC) is a quick immigration program for international students who have work experience in any skilled occupation within Canada.

Fresh graduates are first priority candidates and they can prevail an open work permit max. for up to three years. This amount of time is enough to build work experience required by Canadian Experience Class.

  • Quebec Experience Class (QEC)

International students who have completed their studies from Quebec in a recognized study program and have acquired an intermediate level of language proficiency in French can qualify under this Canadian Immigration Program. Quebec Experience Class does not require a work experience in Canada.

  • Provincial Nominee Programs

This is a program through which Canada’s provinces can nominate international students for permanent residence. The main requirements of Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are generally favorable for the students who chose to study in Canada.

Students must have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary education institution, but mostly requirements vary from province to province. Sometimes an excellent job offer is required and sometime work experience. Applications for permanent residence in Canada proceed faster through Provincial Nominee Program as compared to other programs.

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