Many students get maintenance loans which may be insufficient for the whole of their study period. Some students have developed several ways that they can make some extra cash through side hustles. The best side hustles do not affect your studies as they require you to be fully present. The problem is not getting a side hustle; the main issue is discovering work that works to your advantage. My Essay Geek is an example of a website that shows how smart students can start working early on and help other students.

Teaching children

Many parents want a tutor who may teach their students complicated subjects. They look for private tutors who are good in particular issues that their children are struggling to comprehend. Private tutors may create a timetable that favors their lecture periods. Most tutors mainly teach specific subjects, which include science and math. There are several subjects that some parents want to teach their children, which include music and foreign languages. A tutor does not need any qualifications, but they should have some revision coaching skills, good communication, exam techniques, and time management skills.

Selling books, electronics and old clothes

The other way in which students make money is when they engage in selling electrical gadgets that they no longer use, such as iPods, old phones, and the clothes that they no longer wear. There are several platforms whereby they can market their products, including eBay. Students can use Facebook Marketplace to sell some extra gadgets they possess in their homes, such as toasters, kettles, and microwaves.

Students can also sell their old university textbooks to new students joining campus for the first time. You may have a side hustle of buying books from graduating students every year and then selling them to those who need the books.

Completing online survey

Taking online surveys is the easiest and stress-free way of making money. New companies are willing to pay customers to get feedback on how customers view their products before they release products into the public domain. Students can make money quickly by filling some forms in exchange for rewards in the form of cash. Different websites carry out the surveys, including Swagbucks and Toluna.

Freelance work

Most of the students do freelance during their free time. The only thing that students need is an internet connection. Freelance is the best option for students who study subjects that require them to write many essays. There are several accounts in which students retrieve freelance jobs. Students need some basic computer skills and improve their typing speed.

There are different freelance jobs, including managing social media accounts, copywriting, graphic design, and transcription. Many students earn some money which they can buy some commodity or few needs for their upkeep.

Establishing your website

Students who set up their websites get the advantage of building their Cv. Students generate passive income from wherever they reside in the world. You need to know the content which you will write on your website and include affiliate links.

Conclusion Students need to learn some of the above tips, which help them make money for surviving while still studying.