WhatsApp is one of the most influential instant messaging apps we have ever seen. There is plenty of social networking apps are available on the web but it happens to something magical. People are obsessed with this technological creature and use it for plenty of activities. There is no age discrimination for this particular social media app and people of all ages are using this technological tool.

According to the reports, it has more than 2 billion active users. Over the years it’s been updated with plenty of new features that have made its way to the next level. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has a remarkable history in terms of development and business as well. People use this social app for a variety of reasons. You can use it for free text messaging, chat conversations, for making audio-video calls, sharing media, documents, professional work files, and Voice notes. Therefore, people these days are looking forward to spy on WhatsApp.

Who wants to spy on WhatsApp & Why they want to do it?

The surveillance on WhatsApp has become necessary for plenty of people out there. Most of the parents want to track children’s and teens’ activities they perform on the instant messenger. They want to know why they send and received so many messages and make free calls on their mobile. Furthermore, parents want to protect teens from stranger danger. Teens pimping out teens on social media teens these days and someone may share your child’s contact with the sex offender to trap her online.

On the other hand, business professionals have to keep an eye on employees’ activities on business-owned devices particularly performed on the instant messaging app. You can track the social messaging app to know what employees are talking with each other in the working app on social networking app and what sort of media, files they are sharing on it.

Install cell phone spy software to track WhatsApp on the target device

You can monitor social networking for digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes, but for both activities, you have to get your hands on the best phone tracking app. Therefore, use the cell phone and connects it with the cyberspace. Now you need to perform a couple of steps to get the subscription.

Subscribe for cell phone spying software

Once you have to go to the official webpage of the mobile spy app then you need to subscribe to it. In addition to that, check the email and collect the credentials in the shape of the password and ID.

Get physical access on the target device

Now go and secretly get physical access on employees’ or kids’ devices and start the process of installation. Afterward, you need to activate the set up on the target device when you have successfully installed a mobile monitoring app on the target device.

Use credentials & get access to the web portal

Get the credentials that you have got earlier and activate the online dashboard. Further, choose the powerful features from the dashboard enables you to spy on WhatsApp messenger. Let’s get to know about the particular tool that empowers you to monitor the social messaging app to the fullest.

Use a cell phone monitoring app to monitor WhatsApp

Live screen recording

Get access to the electronic web control panel where you can activate the screen recorder software. It empowers you to record back to back short videos of the screen at the time when the target person is upon the instant messaging app. Once you have done with the recording then deliver the videos to the web control panel. You can see the recording and get to know what is happening on WhatsApp messenger.


Now schedule multiple screenshots at once on the target device using screenshots feature of mobile spy app. It will instantly capture screenshots and send all the screenshots to the web portal where you can see the activities of social networking apps.

IM’s social media

You can get logs of instant messaging apps running on the target device using social media messenger spy app. you can get the logs of WhatsApp likewise, messages, chats, multimedia sharing and voice messages.


Cell phone spy app is the best tool for parents and employers to monitor WhatsApp activities of teens and employees respectively.