I open an e-commerce and, in two days, I will be a salesman to scream. I publish my website and everyone will know me. I open my Facebook profile and I will have unrivaled visibility. Here, that’s not exactly how things are.

The Network is a treasure chest full of great opportunities for brands, but what matters is to understand that in order to exploit them, you need to build an effective relational system among all the tools available to you.

This means that your website needs a blog, the blog needs social networks, and social networks need the website and so on. Only by developing an integrated communication strategy will you be able to obtain significant returns from your investments.

It is precisely in this perspective that it becomes easier to understand how Social Networks can be useful for bringing traffic to your website or blog. How? I’ll explain it to you.

Increase visits thanks to Social Networks

Social Networks are a simple yet increasingly complex communication tool, which must be handled with care and awareness, with knowledge and professionalism and which must be directed towards achieving the specific objective set.

In addition to the consolidation of the brand reputation, the positive action on brand awareness, the encouragement of loyalty and the valuable Customer Care function, Social Networks can be a useful tool to bring traffic to your website. How?

Share the contents of the website

First of all, by sharing the contents of your website on Social channels. It can be a blog post, old or new, it can be a product page, it can be a direct link to a specific page.

What matters is that these contents will have wide visibility and, if aimed at the right audience, they will attract the interest of people, who will be tempted to click on them. Furthermore, consider that the increase in referral traffic also positively affects the ranking of the website in search engines.

Enter the links to the website

Another important feature of Social Networks consists in the fact that today they represent a precious and indispensable information center.

Your customers or potential customers, before or after finding you on Google or meeting you offline, will also look for you on Social Networks to look for confirmations of the idea they have made of you or to communicate directly Documentary Video Production Company Dubai and immediately with your company or to search for information.

That’s why it is very important to insert the link to your website in the information section of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The links to the website or blog from the Social Networks do not directly affect the positioning in the search engines, since they are links with no follow attribute, which indicates to Google not to take them into account.

Still, links from social networks also have some influence on search engines (we talk about social signals) since the more links, interactions and shares a content receives, the more it is considered as authoritative and noteworthy.

Furthermore, links from social networks stimulate visits to the website and this is viewed positively by Big G (as by Bing and company).

It must also be said that Google My Business and YouTube posts are indexed by search engines, for this reason it is important that they are optimized in SEO. Even Pinterest images, if well optimized, are indexed by search engines, bringing organic visits to the website.

Activate an Advertising campaign

Also, don’t forget the opportunities that paid advertising campaigns on Social Networks offer, which if well set up can allow you to bring traffic to your website, reaching the right people.

Facebook Ads, for example, in its Power Editor has foreseen a specific target intended precisely for this, Traffic to the website.

Take advantage of Influencer Marketing

Another way to take advantage of Social Networks as a tool to drive traffic to the website is to start Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Taking advantage of the influential power that these people have in their sector of reference and agreeing with them to share the link to your website or blog in the content they will post on their social profiles.

Using Social Networks: conclusion

And you with what objectives do you integrate Social Networks into your Web Marketing strategy? Do you have any examples to share?