Selling a house is never an easy and straightforward process. This is especially true for people who are trying to sell their house for the first time, from figuring out the prices, upgrading the house to increase its value, to spreading the word to many potential buyers. Not many people have the know-how or time to do all that. Fortunately, social media is here to help and here is how.

Figuring out the price is much easier now.

The best way to figure out the price of your house (besides hiring a real estate agent) is by looking at other houses that people are selling. You can easily look at similar houses by typing specific keywords on the internet. Start by looking at houses in similar neighbourhoods, then narrow down your search by looking for houses of similar sizes.

This is exactly what many marketers do to target specific keywords or houses. You can practice this so you can easily find the right house that you are looking for. If this tip is useful to you, visit for more important tips on real estate.

Marketing your house for free

Anyone can create an account on any social media platform for free. This way, you can market your house without paying a single cent. Simply create a new page for your house or put it on a listing on the specified marketplace on a social media platform of your choice. Fill up any important information that a potential buyer may need to decide if your house is worth noting or not.

Feel free to create a listing on more than one social media platform to get more coverage. Don’t forget to answer people’s questions regarding your house. It is so easy to reach new potential buyers this way, and you can monitor your listings whenever.

You can make your house looks better

Now here is the thing, social media platforms can make any product looks better. The reason for this is that people have come to trust social media platforms a lot. When they see the products that they want on a social media platform they like, they will most likely buy them there and not somewhere else. And evidently, many social media platforms are doing a good job with their interfaces. So your house will look a lot more attractive by marketing it on these platforms.

Take a lot of pictures and videos and post them all

Staging your house is an important part of the process of selling your house. Therefore, take as many pictures and videos as you can and upload them all on social media. Make sure you put a proper caption for each picture. Social media platforms allow you to upload a lot of pictures and videos, so why not take advantage of this?

Make sure the pictures and videos are of high quality. If you don’t have a good camera, you can hire a professional photographer who can take all the pictures for you. With a little bit of time and creativity, you can create an amazing collage of pictures and videos that can attract many potential buyers.

Ask your friends and family to help

Social media platforms are where you can connect to other people. This means that you can ask other people to spread the word about your house. It is as easy as clicking the share button. Perhaps, they can also write a few words about the house. 

This way, you can reach even more people and sell your house quicker. And of course, all this can be done for free. So get the word out with the help of your friends and family. Take advantage of that share button and let everyone know that your house is up for sale.


Social media and real estate make a great combination. Many real estate agents are also on social media because they know how great it is. Get the best price for your house and reach as many people as possible in a short amount of time. Learn how to use social media properly, and I am sure you can sell your house in no time.