Thousands of people daily argue on the topic whether social media is bad or good for your health. Whatever be the conclusion, no one can deny the fact that Social Media is one the best creations of technology. Whether it is counting advantages or disadvantages of social media, there are so many of them that you will fall short of your fingers.

However, it won’t be wrong to say that Social Media applications do have a major impact on our daily lifestyle or on our daily habits. You must have used social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Connected, and others. All these applications are designed in such a way that they won’t allow users to leave the platform.

This is the reason why our parents keep asking us to keep down the mobile phones. Say for example WhatsApp, this application is used by every nine individuals out of ten. The usage of application has become so high that every other person or a company is using it not just for personal reasons but for work related matters as well.

If we were to discuss the pros and cons of social media applications, it would take days to discuss each one of them. However, what we conclude is that whatever be the affect, Social Medial definitely changes the way people perceive things and perform actions in daily routine.

There are so many things around us that we might not discuss about, but we definitely cannot ignore them. Social Media applications are no different. You hardly might have heard anyone saying praises of social media. But in reality we all know living a single day without them won’t be of any help. In this article, we will be discussing all those things that you might have heard from somebody, but have never acknowledged.

Why Youngsters Are Stuck To These Applications?

There is an age limit only after which a user can create an account on different social media platforms. While there is a limit for youngsters, there is no limit for the grown-up people. You will across people from different backgrounds, countries, cultures and ethnicities. All these people might have different ideologies, faces, etc., what they have in common is the mindset towards a particular thing.

That is the reason you will all these Social Media platforms full of youngsters. It does not matter what their color is, what country they come from, what they wear, all these youngsters are somehow connected to each other. This is the reason why every youngster is following the path of another user who falls in the same category.

Various studies have also been conducted on the similar topics. However, it is hard to believe, but yes, many people were eager and curious to understand the behavior of youngsters that forced them to conduct a study. Now after the study was conducted some results came. It came out that the youngsters want to belong somewhere and present themselves in a better way than the others.

To explain this fact, let us assume that all your friends are there on a social media application, say Connected India. It is not necessary that all of them are there, but will assume that most of them are using this application. If not on this application, they might be having account on other social media application like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

What we want to say is that every individual wants to have his/her account on at least one social media platform. They want to share their photos, videos, and texts. All these contents indicate the personality, features and the traits of the person sharing them. 

Hence, it shows that how much a young boy or a girl is passionate about to share things with the world. We cannot deny the fact a young boy or girl wants to explore all the things. Whether it is making new friends, exploring new places, or trying different things, youth is all about trying new things.

While those who have enough monetary resources can enjoy everything whatever they want, those left with limited resources only have the option to visit these places through digital media. However, this isn’t a bad idea. Especially during this pandemic, despite of how much money you have, going out to places is not recommended.

Hence social media platforms have become one of the best things that people are using to spend their leisure time. As a young blood, everyone wants to make new friends.

However, despite of you seamless confidence in your mind, you are somewhere doubtful whether the stranger would like to be friend with you. Hence you try to add things to your social media account that reflect your personality and your lifestyle.

You will do it for one day and might attract many new friends. Now it will become your daily habit to post stories and upload images to the platform. This is how these platforms transform our lives.

When you start giving more time to these applications, you will have to shift from things that you used to do earlier. Hence, in a matter of a few days, you will witness a huge change in your daily habits.