Black Friday is fast approaching. The time of year that bargain hunters go barmy and retailers lap up their profits. We’re all used to hearing the news when it comes to how retailers have faired and we often hear eye-watering figures related to what the likes have Amazon has taken. With Betway Casino reporting that $58 billion was spent on Black Friday 2020, this shopping event is certainly big business, but what of the smaller retailers?

The norm had been for smaller, independent, retailers to take a back seat. Without the buying power and might of the big players, it was all but impossible for them to compete. Then came Small Business Saturday and we saw a change.

What is Small Business Saturday

We all know that Black Friday is a major shopping event that takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Many of us, perhaps, have yet to hear about Small Business Saturday. This is an event that takes place on the Saturday straight after Black Friday. Its aim? Well, its name is probably self-explanatory in that it seeks to encourage us to spend with smaller retailers.

In an interview with Betway Online Casino, the retail expert Bob Phibbs states: “Most smaller retailers really would do well to not even try to compete on the day after Thanksgiving. That’s why Shop Small, which was originally started by American Express and Small Business Saturday, began.”

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The Black Friday Boost

With Black Friday comes a tremendous amount of hype. Hype to the extent that shoppers are literally buzzing. It seems, at times, that they can’t spend their money quick enough. The idea of Small Business Saturday is that smaller retailers can also benefit from this buzz. With people on a shopping high, the focus is switched to these smaller businesses in the hope that the spending continues.

Phibbs goes on to say: “It is about putting a focus squarely on the high street and putting out a big welcome sign for customers. It’s all about community”. Using the wave and the craziness of Black Friday to benefit small businesses has to be seen as a stroke of genius. It is one that many smaller businesses are certainly grateful for as they can almost ignore the need to set up killer bargains for Black Friday itself.

The impact of Covid 

The world has gone through some significant changes over the last 12-24 months. During the pandemic, people were forced to either shop online or to shop locally. This saw a huge reliance being placed upon smaller businesses that, perhaps, had previously been ignored. Covid brought a welcome boost to smaller retailers and edging out of the pandemic, the hope is that this will continue.

Research suggests that many shoppers want to remain loyal to their local stores this Christmas. Of course, they are going to take advantage of all that Black Friday has to offer, but as they seek to repay their local independents, the hope is that this Small Business Saturday will be the biggest one yet.