If you have a new pair of basketball shoes you will be excited to wear them but are these shoes fitting correctly on your feet? Are these basketball shoes comfortable on your feet? Are these worth buying or not and many other questions will come to your mind while buying new shoes.

Actually finding the fit basketball shoes can be challenging for one, it is not as easy as one can imagine. If you are a professional basketball player and need to wear shoes on final games, it will be more challenging to select the right comfy and fit pair.

Moreover, there are some latest outdoor basketball shoes, you can check them if you are finding a good pair of basketball shoes for yourself.

Below I have shared important tips and methods of shoe fitting but you need to know the necessity of fit first.

Importance of Shoe Fitting:

For a sportsmen, basketball shoes are the main equipment they carry with them, so shoes should be comfortable and fit. You can find many fancy-looking newest basketball shoes but these trendy shoes may not fulfill the needs of a fit basketball player. So always keep in mind to choose the shoes that fits correctly.

Proper Support:

Players often experience foot and ankle injuries during a game. A basketball player has to bear many injuries during a game. Rapid movements in a game put pressure on foot ankles. Therefore, only the right basketball shoes can save your feet from injuries.

Main Factors of Shoes Fitting:

Always remember that every person has different sizes and shapes of feet. A perfectly fitted shoe pair might be useless for someone else. Keep the focus on shoe-fitting, not just the brand. If you want to check the size of the shoes wears socks before wearing the shoes. It can help you to get the correct shoes.

Here are the major shoes fitting factors you should keep in mind before buying the basketball shoes:

Size of Shoes:

You can only wear that shoes which will fit correctly on your feet. So size is the main factor to keep in mind before checking the other things.

Ankle Support:

Keep your ankles protected during a game is the most challenging thing. A well-fitted shoe does not only protects you from injuries but also helps to boost your confidence and beat the opponent. Pick that pair of shoes that firmly fits in your ankles to support while playing. But don’t pick extra tight shoes, they will stop blood flow and cause pain.


The heels need to move freely in all directions during a game to support feet.  You need a snug heel area in the shoes but less than one inch in size as it should not be elevated.


The half front area of the feet is fitted in the toes section of the shoes. This area needs a proper room and volume to keep your toes comfortable. The tight toe section will make your toes feel crunched and jammed.

Arch Support:

Arch support is the other necessary factor. The arch of shoes and your natural arch should align together while standing. You need arch support but avoid extra arch support as it can hurt badly.


The bend should be around the ball of your feet and should be normal in size. The bigger the bend is; it will bend close to the toes, Smaller the bend is; it will bend closer to the arch, but it will cause pain, blisters, and other problems