Shadowboxing is one of the killer cardio workouts. It burns up to 400 calories in an hour, while improving your footwork, hand coordination, & technique. And the most amazing is shadow boxing can be done anywhere.  Shadowboxing is an amazing full-body workout that works on your multiple muscle groups at a time. It doesn’t only remove the fat and reveal your muscles by bringing them back to the surface but improves your fighting game. 

Shadow Boxing

Shadowboxing is a classical and effective training method. It is an exercise in which the practitioner moves around by throwing punches in the air. It is widely practiced by fighters for honing their fighting abilities, conditioning, and warming up their bodies before the workout. We all are aware how warming up is essential before boxing, Shadowboxing does not only prepare them physically but mentally as well. 

It targets and improves the boxing technique, power, strength, speed, endurance, footwork, offense, rhythm, & defense, & other fighting abilities. Burning body fat while having fun is the best thing. Especially, when you get to learn self-defense at the same time. Shedding fat with shadowboxing doesn’t demand you to have fancy equipment. You can simply practice it at your home. Of course, all the factors primarily depend on how you perform your shadow boxing drill. But, it’s a simple & versatile workout for losing fat & muscle transformation. 

  • Warm-up 

For a proper warm-up session move around, engage your legs, your head, make your shoulders relax, and throw the punches, then move & move. Shake the limbs out and repeat it now, take a breath & put the purpose to the movements. It’s okay if you break into a sweat. Your main goal is to warm your muscles up by putting your body into motion.

  • The Technique

Do you want to improve certain punching techniques? Or your defensive movements? Take a break, consider going slow, take the time, & check your form. Rather than working on the whole activity, consider picking 1-2 key points and try to focus on them. Once you are okay with that work on the detail of every movement in your shadowboxing session. Repeat the movements, repetition is the key but you have to be sure that you are performing it right. 

  • Coordination

Even if you can execute a move perfectly in your shadowboxing session doesn’t mean you are a master at it. You have got your hands on the jab technique right but you should know how to make it land in a real fight. This can be easily done by exerting jabs in different situations. Instead of always being in the same sentence. Try to throw it from different positions. 

Find your move where your body can feel the movement naturally. Shadowboxing conditions your hand & leg endurance by working on repetitive movements.

  • Rhythm

Sometimes you might get a feeling that you mastered a single movement but that doesn’t promise you a win in your boxing competition. During your fight, you might execute the single technique properly but it will be of no use if you don’t coordinate it well with other moves. You will lose the flow during your fight. So work on the rhythm in shadow boxing by doing multiple movements in a flow. 

Throw 3 to 4 punches, then 3 to 4 slips, and 3 to 4 steps, & repeat. It is ok to minimize the moments while you are working on your rhythm. It helps in determining your natural moments than putting all of your energy in punches. Performing a set of moments in a flow engages almost all of the muscles in your body at a single time that improves your physique as well. 

  • Strategy

Shadowboxing works perfectly well when it narrows to working on strategic moves during your fight. A Strategy is drafted from practice and concentration. While you practice you get to know your strengths and weaknesses that help you to improve your game. Shadow Boxing is an effective way for developing a strategic mindset for beating your opponents, getting rid of bad gaming habits, and replacing them with new strategies. 

  • Cool-down

A full-body workout like shadow boxing that engages almost all muscle groups in your body should be ended by a cool-down session. For that move slowly, and breathe. Reflect on the sparring you did earlier. Engage your mind by thinking of different techniques and movements.

The general shadow boxing session should be about 15 mins.