Every web hosting server comes with certain privileges and perks. The one most crucial that we will discuss in this article is the server customization benefit. It highly contributes to enhancing the customer retention rate of your web business. However, you must know that the benefit to customize the server is not permitted to you by every web hosting service. So, we will also highlight in the later section how Wise Solution Linux dedicated server helps achieve high customization. But before you come across anything else, let us make you aware of what actually is customization and customer retention

What is Customization and Customer Retention?

Customization is defined as the act of modifying the settings, products, or services in order to accomplish preferences or needs at priority. When it comes to server customization, it implies having a custom web server or the idea of having the server with required settings, resources, applications, et

Whereas customer retention is described as the actions or steps that you take in order to diminish the number of customer defections. Its aim is to engage and retain as many customers as possible with your business website. Generally, it is done by maintaining business integrity, and customer loyalty, etc. You must remember that customer retention comes in effect with the first contact a customer makes with your web business. And it further continues throughout the rest of the relationship lifetime. The better the customer retention your web business possesses, the higher revenue or profits can be acquired. Moreover, with this, you also gain the ability to expand your web business to greater heights.

Move to the next section to understand how server customization benefits your web business in various ways to have better customer retention.

Top 5 Benefits of Server Customization

Mentioned below are the principal five benefits of server customization –

⦁ You can build as many strategies changing with time to attract your potential customers.
⦁ You can set up your server settings that fulfill your customers’ expectations.
⦁ You can build a long-term relationship with your customers.
⦁ You can raise your business goals while acquiring more traffic on your website.
⦁ You can provide, maintain, and elevate the standards of high-level customer service.

As stated in the beginning, you can acquire a high customization facility with the Linux dedicated server. That is because of the following reasons –

⦁ The Linux dedicated server hosting provides you authority over the entire server.
⦁ It renders the dedicated resources.
⦁ It provides an independent, private, and secure hosting environment.
⦁ It provides a dedicated IP address to your website.
⦁ Linux, being an open-source platform, comes with high flexibility and numerous features.

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Host Your Website on Linux Dedicated Servers from Wisesolution for Easy Customization

Wise Solution is one of the most influential and top-notch web hosting companies in India. You can obtain the most powerful and robust Linux dedicated server from the company at the lowest price possible. The company renders full root access to the Linux dedicated server and makes you customize, run, and maintain the server in whichever way you desire. Moreover, to enable its clients to have leading server customization, the company also renders the following privileges with each Linux custom dedicated server hosting plan –

Ease in Site Build Up

You will get the possibility to create your site easily and quickly free from any hassle.

Twenty times faster server speed

The company’s Linux dedicated server hosting will come with high network connectivity and top-tier equipment support leading to twenty times faster server speed. This will make you do quick server customization.

WHM Control Panel

You will acquire the WHM control panel to hold complete control of website hosting in your hands. Further, with the control panel options, you will be able to manage and operate your server with utmost ease.

Excellent hardware support

Your server customization will be implemented well all the time with the support of robust and resilient hardware configuration.


You will be permitted to do multiple tasks simultaneously without having to get concerned about your business website’s performance.

100% Uptime commitment

The company will render your business website 100% uptime assurance to enable your end-user experience seamlessly

24/7 Technical assistance

The company will offer you 24/7 technical assistance through certified experts so that you do not ever get deadlocked while executing server customization or encountering any issue meanwhile.

Reliable and flexible resources

You will be able to upgrade or scale up your server resources smoothly for your developing business website anytime.


Reach out to the Wise Solution professionals now to know more about the server customization services or resolve your query, if any. They are available round-the-clock through various mediums such as Whatsapp, Live Chat, Email, Skype, etc., to provide an instant response. Furthermore, you can also visit the company’s website to gather details about its highly customizable Linux dedicated server plans and packages –

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