Racism is an inescapable part of American history. From the time the first settlers set foot on this continent, Native Americans were discriminated against and pushed off their land. Everything revolves around land, borders, and power. To proclaim superiority over other cultures and civilizations, America was built by enslaved Africans.

This gave way to institutionalized racism that has remained a prominent presence in this country’s culture ever since. However, we’ve come a long way as a society when it comes to fighting racism- from protests against Confederate statues to contemporary discussions about the importance of diversity in our daily lives, America is making strides toward overcoming both institutionalized racism and everyday bigotry.

Though, racism is not just something we can leave behind. Penetration of racism in the diversity of the country has become new normal. This is dangerous for our society in its way: by limiting our capacity to reach out to others and foster a sense of togetherness and acceptance in this country, anti-racist struggles have an opportunity cost that could potentially lead us back into segregationist practices. Human is not treated as one, the segregation is done on the base of color, caste, creed and other futile discrepancies.

– What is Racism?

The different race is degraded and making them feel inferior such an event of bias, discrimination, or antagonism just to prove the belief one’s own race is supreme. The act of superiority doesn’t vanish its existence for decades.

Racial inequality has been and continues to be a problem in the United States. African Americans and other minorities are still less likely to be hired for jobs than whites, regardless of their qualifications. Despite having gained more rights, women continue to face workplace discrimination. People on the streets of America still endure the game of odium and antagonism without failure to date. It is a saddening state that the prevalence of racial discrimination persists with generations to pass on.

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– Media Coverage of Racism

Media is pivotal to cover every aspect so, why spare Racism. As you know, media has the power to create the image of a country. In some cases, it can also be used to create hatred and discrimination. It is very fascinating how the media covers racism. For example, when there is a racial incident or it involves celebrities, the news about it spreads all over the world very fast by using social media. It creates a conversation with people from around the world.

Media is a very powerful tool for covering racism as well as spreading a positive message in favor of eliminating it one day. Yet incidents like police killings and harassment of blacks have shaken the trust of black Americans, only 56% of race people who have confidence in the police. (Ref-https://bit.ly/3hLs4Xv). The media covered all of it including police brutality. People coming to the street to protest.

– Why it Matters that White Americans are Moving Towards Diversity

It is true to the fact that diversity has been a part of America since its

origins. However, as society has become more diverse, the gaps that have always existed among various cultures and racial groups have continued to grow. It’s not hard to see why this is a problem for America: it’s a waste of economic, educational, and social potential when everyone in a country feels as if they are from an outcast minority instead of all being able to identify with one another as Americans and citizens of the United States.

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– How Black Americans and White Americans Grew Apart

The United States was founded on the idea that “all men are created equal” and to this day it remains one of the few countries that doesn’t include ethnicity in its national census. Additionally, black and white Americans have always enjoyed certain freedoms not afforded to non-American citizens. In fact, many blacks have been able to reach prominent positions in domestic politics as well as internationally. This is all due to a long history of slavery and racism that has been fought by civil rights activists throughout the country’s history. Measures and efforts of activists, human rights agencies have palliated the gap but a significant amount of opening is still left untouched & pristine.

Racism will diminish and soon will be abolished from mankind when the change of perspective and mindset will transform. When love conquers every corner of the human heart without being perilously ravenous and discriminated.  


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