When you have a saw mill USA one of the things to consider is how fast your band wheel should turn. There are a few factors when it comes to speed, the main two being horsepower and friction. Here is a closer look.


When you are using your sawmill you need the torque to maintain a band mill speed that is constant. Think of it like driving a heavy and full truck up a long and high mountain. You cannot put the truck into the highest gear and expect that to work as if you were just driving flat out on a flat surface. The driver has to shift down gears to have a slower and lower ratio to the get torque level right for getting up that mountain. Likewise, with a sawmill, you need to consider the horsepower and the torque level.

With a sawmill, it is important to keep in mind too that when you have other things that require power, say a pump and hydraulics that take power from the saw’s engine then you could lose between 5 to 10 hp. So you have to see that a saw at 25 hp that has no other power demands will cut faster and more powerfully than a 25 hp that has a pump robbing power. When you are cutting is better to have the blade turn slower and use a higher torque so you stay in a safe zone rather than have the blade go too fast and have a lower torque.


Another factor to think about with your saw mill USA if it has more than 30 hp is friction. When you have a blade that goes faster than 5,500 fpm then there is going to be more friction on its body. Some new sawmill owners think that with good torque and hp you can speed up the blade and therefore cut and produce faster. This is a mistake though. The friction can cause all kinds of adverse issues that then slow you down. Slowing the band to 5,500 solves the friction issue and actually production increases because of the fewer issues you run into. The lack of friction and improved stability also means the blade will last longer.

Other factors

While horsepower is probably the greatest factor in how fast a sawmill can run as well as friction there are other things to think about. How round the wheel is, its diameter also has an impact. But its size does not. The more round the wheel it is the better you can operate at maximum speeds. Another thing to take into account is whether the motor is electric or gas run. An electric motor has about 25% more in torque than a motor powered by gas or diesel.


With asawmill USA the bandsaw blade is not just about hp or speed. It is the balance of constant speed and torque that matters more.