COVID-19 pandemic has been a real trouble maker for each one of us. With time things have improvised to a certain extent but migrants are still facing problems due to this. So, to bring ease in the Visa & Immigration process that applicants have to go through and considering the precautionary measures, Pearson has come up with an easy way to take the PTE test. 

PTE academic (The Pearson Test of English Academic) is a computer-based English language test taken by those who are planning to study abroad in major English-speaking countries. Candidates are required to take this test as part of their college/university admission process.

Englishfirm PTE training Parramatta tell us the PTE Test assesses a candidate’s English Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading skills with a number of different question types and tasks. The test does not focus on high competency level instead English language usage in day-to-day life. Each task is scored on basis of correctness; Correct, Incorrect, Partially Correct. The regular PTE Academic is a 3 hours’ exam with an optional break of 10 minutes.

Aspirants from different parts of the world will soon be able to take PTE Exam from their home location, with PTE Academic Online. With this need to visit the exam center physically can be minimalised and the process could be a lot easier for aspirants. 

The structure of the exam is not majorly changed; neither did the questions. But with some effective modification, PTE Academic will be made shorter and efficient.

Aspirants will be able to book their test date from 25 October 2021. However, the testing is scheduled to commence from 16th November 2021.

Difference between PTE Academic and PTE Academic Online

PTE AcademicPTE Academic Online
Exam Duration3 Hours2 Hours
Break10 Minutes (Optional)No break
Modules Speaking, Reading, Writing, ListeningSpeaking, Reading, Writing, Listening
No of Questions2020
No of ItemsHigher number of tasks Reduced number of Item types
LocationExam CentreAnywhere
Acceptance by Govt. for Visa & Migration PurposesYesNot yet

PTE Online Test Requirement:

Wherein the regular test you only need to carry your id proof to the exam centre, in the online test you will have to do the setup by yourself. 

Things required for taking the online PTE test are:

  1. Location without noise and disturbances
  2. Properly working computer
  3. A webcam & wired headset
  4. Good Internet connectivity
  5. OnVue software 

Candidates must perform a system check before beginning with the test.

Once setup is done, the candidates need to take a photo of themselves, their surroundings, and an ID Proof issued by the government.

It taken around 15 minutes to check the photo and information submitted by you.

Once it is done, the candidate can start the test.

Note: The cam that covers your surrounding should be on the entire time you take the exam. 

PTE Test Result:

PTE Test result is typically shared with 48 hours of the exam or could take a maximum of 5 working days.

Validity of PTE Test result is of 2 years for both, regular test and PTE online test.

PTE Exam Fees:

The exam fee is the same as the regular PTE Test, which as of now is $800.

Changes in PTE Score Card:

PTE Academic: PTE Academic Online

The difference between these two PTE scorecards is quite explicitly shown in the image i.e. The scorecard of the new test will clearly show the test name as PTE Academic Online.

Enabling skills section will not be there.

To help test takers assess their skills and abilities, a new feedback/suggestion report will be included. 

How to crack the PTE Academic Online Exam?

Learn, Practice, Repeat!

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