Physics is defined as the natural science that studies matter, its motion and behaviour through space and time. Fundamentally, physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines which aims to allow people to understand how the universe behaves and physics is useful in our daily life.

Physics extends well into our everyday life and its pervasive applications can be felt in daily actions such walking, writing, operating a car or even making a phone call. Undoubtedly however many students struggle with physics, more specifically trying to grasp the concepts of the subject. Physics tuition is thus helpful and useful for students struggling to perform well in the subject and truly understanding the concepts of physics.

Physics is seen in transportation:

Physics plays an important role in transportation. Have you wondered how our public transportations such as buses and trains work? The law of motion and law of gravity are pivotal concepts involved in these mediums of transportation. Vehicles of transport such as cars and trains have wheels that are set in motion by concepts of Physics. These include reaction and inertia, acceleration, gravity and so on.

Physics plays a key role in communication:

Communication is integral in our daily interactions. We communicate through making phone calls, video facetime, social media platforms and many other modern communication technologies. Back in the days, telegraphs were common and important for people to send messages across. As such, physics has had a significant role in communication since time immemorial.

  1. Cell phones

Making a phone call is not as simple as it looks. It involves many concepts of physics which contribute to a signal getting through. Cell phones work on the principles of electricity, electromagnetic spectrum and magnetism, thus allowing us to communicate locally and globally, isn’t that amazing?

  1. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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We spend hours on social media, scrolling endlessly and pressing that like button. Surprisingly, physics is involved in enabling such fast paced and instantaneous connection and communication. Particles collide to result in such rapid connectivity. It is good for students to be aware of the physics behind social media, given the long hours spent on these platforms.

Physics is crucial to our daily activities

We cannot carry out our daily activities without physics. Seemingly simple activities such as walking and cooking involves physics. Let’s see how physics is used in real-life application.

  1. Motor activities such as walking requires the application of physics

Walking may look easy, but do you know that there are actually a lot of principles of physics involved? For instance, Newton’s law of inertia, gravitational law,potential and kinetic energy are important concepts involved in the simple act of walking.

  1. Cooking

Additionally, cooking is an essential activity in our daily life and physics is once again involved in this pivotal process! Heat transfer is important to getting that beef steak or salmon cooked fast.

Thermodynamics is a part of physics that concerns heat, temperature and work done.You need science, especially physics to explain heat transfer from one medium to the other.
To sum up, physics is not confined to just mathematical calculations or applying equations to solve problems on a paper. It is everywhere around us! In order for students to truly appreciate the beauty of physics and realise its potential beyond books, they must first have a good grasp of Physics and can find help with a private tuition.

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