How one can avoid cats entering their home using cat fences is something that many people wonder about. If you have ever had a cat in your house then they have certainly managed to get into at least one part of your home without you even noticing it. Cats are clever little creatures and while most will not be able to figure out the trick you will definitely know when something is wrong. There are a few simple things you can look out for when trying to stop this from happening.

Cat Fences

Find out if any cat has entered your home or premises 

  • The first sign that you should look out for is a strange scratching post. This is not always the case but if you find one then your cat could be trying to get to the top of it. This is quite common, especially with younger cats as they like to climb things. You may also notice broken pieces of wood lying around. Cats love to scratch so this is another way that your cat can get into your home.
  • Another sign that your cat has made its way into your home is that it keeps coming back. When you see them coming in on a regular basis then this is quite an obvious sign. You can also check for tell-tale signs such as scratches on the furniture or walls. These are not always easy to pick up because of their unusual shape. Cats are quite clever at hiding their tracks, so even if you cannot pick them all you need to do is watch for them.
  • One way of knowing whether or not your cat has made its way into your home is by checking the contact point between your cat’s claws. Cats tend to make their marks with their claws and if they have come into contact with a fence then the edges of it will be dull. This is because they enjoy scratching and the more scratch marks there are on the fence, the better. You would be surprised how often you would spot a cat doing this. Cats enjoy being outside and want to show that they can be trusted.
Cat Fences

There are many types of cat fence to choose from so you are bound to find something that you like. Most are designed to resemble the interior of a home using cat wire and wood. You will have to choose the height and material depending on how far away you need to keep your pet. If you are just buying a fence for the home then you probably will not need anything too fancy. However if you are trying to house train your cat from a young age then you may want to invest in a good quality cat containment system which has positive reinforcement features.

When you look at how one can avoid cats to their home using cat fences you will soon realise that they are a great investment. Not only will they protect your furniture and possessions from the wrath of a cat but they will also stop your pets getting into mischief. The best types of fences to look at are those that have positive reinforcement features and can be adjusted. These fences can work in conjunction with other types of cat containment systems such as cat condos and other similar systems. One can find the best option for cat fences by visiting this website