The techno and dance music community is slowly growing due to the levels of ecstasy one feels when attending an event that features a particular genre of music. The best example of an event that manages to pull in lovers of house and techno music from across the globe is Tomorrowland and Burning Man.

Can you believe that Tomorrowland was attended by 600,000 from across the world in 2022? Around 800 electric artists performed at the event that year. On the other hand, Burning Man managed to pull in a crowd of 78,850 attendees in 2019. So many people flock to these events because the techno, trance, and electric community produces music that can give new life to your soul.

Apart from the music, the first thing you will witness when you visit such a musical festival is the attire everyone will be sporting. This ranges from trendy and comfortable outfits to striking dark-themed clothes that make people stand out and make a statement. However, the dress code has one aspect in common – it is designed to ensure people can easily dance the night away. To bring the trance and dance community together, clothing brand Newminatis was launched in San Francisco, United States. The brand aims to fill in the gap that exists in the clothing market of dance music lovers by producing stylish clothes that all men and women can now flaunt at raves! The main idea is to provide a sense of unity and acceptability to all the ravers out there. 

Yes, this is a high fashion brand that has a futuristic oomph to the designs and patterns. This is because rave lovers often view the world from a unique perspective based on the music that runs through their veins. Hence, their sense of style is noticeably different from others. The high-tech materials used by Newminatis also reflect the electromagnetic field of the human body. The niches that the brand targets include ravers, as well as underground music, techno festival, and art lovers.

The assortment has asymmetrical and deconstructed clothing designs that promote the trademark of the brand which is ‘be yourself, be Newminatis. In fact, you could view the clothing as a uniform for people who are futuristic and artistic. The irregular and reconstructed clothes allow everyone from the community to truly express themselves.

According to the founder of the brand everything about Newminatis, including the branding and the logo, has been carefully chosen by experts in the industry. Moreover, the quirky clothing line is unisex and transcends the thought process of basic designers.

Newminatis is better and bigger than its competitors because the brand and its founder truly care about music, as well as the lifestyle of their target audience. The vision of the brand is to connect with people and provide them with a sense of safety and acceptability. 

This is not all! The brand has collaborated with event companies such as ‘Rewoke Bali’ with the purpose of catering to the brand’s vision of fashion and art to the attendees. In the future, Newminatis plans to perform fashion shows in clubs, and collaborate with other events to sell their products at the venue. So far, the brand has been a success and is slowly working towards engaging the worldwide trance community. This includes countries such as the UK, the US, UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Another impressive aspect of the designer brand is that it was never launched to earn high profits. Its purpose is humanity focused. Hence, production of the clothing line always takes place keeping the environmental impact in mind. All needed measures are taken to reduce the carbon footprint.

Interested in being a part of the community? Order now from Newminatis for a complimentary kit of festival accessories, and a membership card that will identify you as a community member.