A common belief exists that NCERT along with NCERT exemplar are basic for JEE students. If you are aiming to get admission to one of the colleges in JEE, you may have gone on to read advanced level books along with materials that is created for JEE exam. But this thought is not true. NCERT books along with Ncert exemplar class 12 chemistry solutions would be vital for JEE students. Yes the text books will enable to clear your concepts, an exemplar would compromise harder problems that facilitate in depth learning. For practicing with JEE, you would require the use of exemplars.

More about NCERT exemplar

The NCERT exemplar contains a series of questions that is of help to students preparing for JEE exams. It deals with new ideas, concepts, MCQ that are part of NCERT CBSE questions, a skill developing question and a lot of things on to the table. There are bound to be exemplary questions that would be of higher aptitude and on the part of students may require superior levels of reasoning.

Coming to the question of JEE, it is necessary to consider NCERT questions or NCERT exemplars, as your top priorities. There are various reasons as when you are preparing for an exam you will be stressed. You are going to be confused which study material is right and which one may turn out to be a wrong one. So as to get rid of the confusion it is better to stick on to NCERT books or NCERT exemplars. The moment you are confident about the basic understanding of such chapters, you can reach out to the advanced level for the next chapter levels. Let us try to understand the benefits of these resources in JEE preparation

  • Reliable information- the NCERT exemplars and NCERT books are designed by experts who have conducted research on various topics. The information that is provided by these books are fully authentic and ensures that you move in the right direction
  • Strong and comprehensive basics- the NCERT books along with NCERT exemplars contain all the fundamentals and basic information necessary at your end. In addition you will be able to locate information at a higher level, that would be useful for IIT JEE exams.
  •  Standard questions- You will be finding the standard questions along with extra information that is necessary for practice in NCERT books or  in chemistry exemplar Class 12 books.
  • The questions are directly asked from NCERT books- in a JEE exam it is possible to obtain directions from NCERT books. The answer to this question is yes as there are various questions that are asked in NCERT or NCERT exemplar in a JEE exam.
  • Lucid language- the NCERT books along with exemplar are written in simple language. It is designed by experts and involves years of extensive research. You can go through all of them without any amiss.
  • Different types of problems are solved easily- if  you are looking to crack IIT JEE exam, just reading may not be sufficient. There is a need to practice a lot. The NCERT books are exemplar and tricky questions are provided at the end of the chapters. There are sufficient amount of questions that you can practice from NCERT books.

One of the major challenges with preparation of IIT JEE is to accommodate a significant degree of syllabus within a short span of time. During this point of time you need to clear the fundamentals. In addition you need to master the skills of practicing multiple attitude questions. Hence there is less option where you can experiment with books. Hence it is better to master NCERT books or NCERT solutions to master the number of books that you have on the shelf or exemplary. Such steps is going to be of considerable help in clearly the exams relatively easily.

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