The cost of pest control services varies based on several factors. Some of these factors include the size of the affected area, qualification and experience level of the exterminator, your location and the type of property, the type of pest you are dealing with, etc. All these factors will be considered by a company offering Residential Pests Extermination and Removal around Baltimore before giving you a price. 

But since there is no uniform price for each pest control service, it makes sense to have an idea of the average price of a pest control service before you speak with an exterminator. This way, you will know whether you are about to be cheated or you are getting a fair deal. 

For those in Baltimore, the average cost of pest control weekly service is $39. On the other hand, one-time pest treatment can cost $154. Additionally, a homeowner may have to invest $131 for a quarterly pest control service.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pest Control Company


Experience is important when hiring a pest control company. The more the number of years a pest control company has spent offering its service, the higher the chances that it will do a great job. For this reason, it’s important to only hire a pest control company that has been in the industry for a long time. Also, the number of jobs they’ve handled successfully should be considered. The more jobs they’ve done, especially those similar to yours, the better. 

License & Insurance

A license serves as proof that a pest control company has undergone the necessary training and is considered worthy to offer quality pest control services. On the other hand, insurance offers protection if something goes wrong during a pest control service. So you need to check for both before finally agreeing to hire a company.

Kind Of Services Offered

A lot of pest control companies focus their services on certain types of pests. For instance, we have companies that only deal with termites, while some only deal with rodents or birds. On the other hand, we have companies whose services cover all kinds of pests. 

For this reason, you’re advised to find out the kind of pest control service a pest control company offers before you hand over your pest control project to them. If what you need is a bed bug removal service, ensure it’s part of the services the company offers.


You need a company that can solve your pest problems on time. This is because pests are generally prolific. Meaning they can reproduce quickly in a short period. So when you allow them to grow, they become harder to exterminate. 

Typically, a pest control company should be able to come over within a day or two of contacting them. 


Before you hire a pest control company, you must ensure they have the required equipment to offer pest control service. When a company has the right tools, it makes it easy to start and finish pest control projects on time. Additionally, you should also confirm if the company uses eco-friendly products. If they don’t, you shouldn’t hire them. Even though it’s important to get rid of the pests in your home, you have to look out for your safety and that of the environment.


Reviews are opinions and testimonials of customers who’ve used the service of the pest control company you plan on hiring. With reviews, you can gain insight into how a pest control company operates. Some of the places you can find reviews on a pest control company are google my business pages, Yelp, Angi, BBB, etc.   

How To Prepare For A Pest Control Service

Knowing how to prepare your home for a pest control service is as important as hiring a pest control company. The first step in preparing your home for pest control service is to seal off the affected area. After that, you should then declutter your home. After you’re done decluttering, ensure you clean the area.

Another step you can take in preparation for your pest control service is to take your kids to a safe place. This is important if the pest control company uses pesticides as a means of controlling pests. Exposing your kids to the toxic chemicals found in these insecticides can be quite dangerous. 

In summary, a successful pest control project lies in the effort of a homeowner and the pest control specialist they hire. So you also need to do your part.