This is one of the most common question that comes in the mind of every candidate. There is no hard and fast time that is to be required for the preparation of this exam. But generally, the candidates who are willing to appear for this exam starts preparing for it 1 year before the exam. One year or we can say 12 months are sufficient for the preparation of this exam if utilized in a very systematic order. Many candidates go for the best online classes for ias and some go for offline classes directly to the coaching centers.

There is no doubt if anyone says that this is one of the toughest exams to clear. It is not the game of a few days to clear the exam. It requires a long period of hard work if you want to clear the exam. Now comes the question of how many hours of study is required every day. It depends upon the time left for the exam and also for how long you have been preparing for the exam. This exam is quite longer than other exams. So it is obvious that the exam syllabus must be vast as well. Let’s have a look at the syllabus of the exam that is to be covered by the candidate in the preparation period. 

It has 2 major portions that are further divided into 7 parts each so there are a total of fourteen parts of the exam. The first part of the exam is the prelims general studies exam. That include 

  • the current affairs at national and international level
  • Indian and world geography that includes the social, economic, physical, geography of both India and the world
  • Indian history and Indian national movements
  • Indian governance and polity that includes a thorough study of the constitution, panchayat raj, rights, the political system, public policy, etc.
  • Social and economic development includes the details related to poverty in the country, demographics, social sector initiatives, etc.
  • Issues related to environments like change in climate and biodiversity
  • General Science.
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The syllabus in the second portion of this exam is stated as follows:

  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills that include communication skills
  • Logical reasoning that includes the various situation in which you need to analysis the things
  • Problem-solving and decision-making ability
  • Mental ability
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics that includes the basic syllabus that will be of the level of the class tenth.
  • English language that will be also of the level of class tenth

So this is the syllabus of this exam. So the person needs to make a thorough review of that and make an analysis that how much time is required to prepare for all this syllabus. He needs to understand this know much time he requires to start the preparation of this exam and every day how much time he needs to devote various parts of the exam. he can go for the best online courses for ias for better results in the exam. these courses will help in a better understanding of the concept related to the syllabus of the exam.

 Many other common questions are being frequently asked by many of the candidates that are preparing for the exam. let’s have a brief look at them as well.

  • Is one year sufficient for the preparation of the IAS exam? the answer to this question depends on the capability of the candidate. But one year is more than sufficient for preparation. If any candidate is preparing for this exam at home so, he should follow the right strategies that will help him to achieve success in the exam. in the first six months, the candidate must thoroughly go through the syllabus and after that, he must go for the test series that will help him to know about his weakness and strengths. Even the material that the student is going through plays a very important role in the preparation of the exam.
  • How to prepare for the IAS exam? several things are to be kept in mind while preparing for the exam that will help you to succeed in it. First of all, the student needs to have a thorough review of the syllabus of the exam. according to the syllabus the candidate should be well equipped with the study material that is the main source of information. For these exams, you can go for NCERT books for a certain portion of the exam and rest you can go with the best books available in the market. Do have a thorough revision of the entire syllabus, go for mock test series, and the previous question papers that will help the candidate to know what are his strong and weak points.
  • Is it possible to clear the IAS exam without coaching? The answer to this question is yes but it purely depends upon the capability, focus, and determination of the candidate. All you need for this is the right study material and a proper schedule that is to be followed without any skip. If any student is master of the art of self-studying so surely he will be able to clear the exam. else if anyone wants more guidance and someone to help in letting the done in the right way can go for the coaching as well. there the student will be equipped with all the possible efforts that will let him clear the exam.
  • Is there any limit to apply for IAS exam? yes of course there is an age limit to apply for the exam. the person who is between twenty-one till thirty-two can apply for the exam. candidates that belong to certain specific quota can apply for this exam until forty-two of their age.
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These are some of the very common questions that can come in the mind of the person who wishes to appear for the exam. no doubt this exam is very hard to crack but if any person puts all his sincere efforts will help him to succeed.


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