Columbus city is clearing the snow that fell on streets late last night. Crews have reported that the snowfall has made roads slippery and an advisory was issued to stop residents from driving unless it is required. This will allow the crews time to clear the streets.

According to reports according to reports, according to reports, the Columbus region was not struck badly by the snowstorm, unlike other cities across the United States. The city only got some inches of snow following the storm.

Following the storm Columbus only got about two to four inches snowfall. But, How Much Snow Did Columbus Get?

When Columbus Has Its Last Snowfall?

The first snowfall of winter typically occurs in November. it begins at the beginning of October and will last until the end of December.

The last snowfall of the season usually is in March, and occurs around one time every 4 years. In addition, the city gets snow in April at times.

The city is completely free of snowfall from May to September. The city gets glimpse of less than one inch of snowfall during the majority days of snowstorms. The city is awash in snow for 9 days per year, and it can increase to at least one inch. It’s not a particularly affected area as other areas across the United States.

How Much Snow Did Columbus Get in 2022?

The snowstorm began to recede on the roads of Franklin County early on Monday around 5 a.m. The weather agency reported that as much as three inches of snowfall was recorded in the county on Monday morning. The total was half one foot of snowfall across the eastern part of Ohio.

But, Columbus Area was not badly affected by the snowstorm since it only got just a few inches following the storm. According to the weather report Columbus Area only received between two and four inches of snow, or slightly more than six inches snowfall in 2022.

Therefore, those asking how much snow did Columbus Receive should know that the record for snowfall in 2022 was six inches. It is only recorded in a handful of locations that are like Licking County.

To the west in Licking County, the snowfall was very high, ranging from at 12 inches. It’s extremely sloppy in areas where the snowfall is extremely long distances.

What is the Latest Update on Snowfall?

Following the snowfalls advisories and alerts were issued, which are likely to expire once the winter storm has passed through Columbus. The snow storm brought in inches of snow and frozen rain, which covered a large portion of the streets of Columbus which made the streets slippery. The people who had the snow fell began asking what the amount of snow Columbus Receive.

Ohio Department of Transportation engaged their workers to plow the roads. The snowfall is less than 6 inches across Columbus. In addition, the accumulation of snow has ended since there are just small snow showers which will be removed soon.

The temperature is expected to increase on Tuesday, which will help the roads to clear the snow.


The snowstorm has begun in America and has affected several cities and states. Columbus received snow that was not significant in comparison to other states. After the snowfall, a lot of residents were looking for how much snow Columbus get. Based on their research it was only at most two inches and an maximum of the equivalent of six inches.