What do we mean by the smallest dumpster? Well, if you’re handling a small project such as a bathroom remodel or a home cleanout, a 2-cubic yard dumpster might be sufficient. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s consider cost implications. 

A 2-yard dumpster can fit roughly eight garbage bags. On average, expect to pay about $120 weekly or approximately $25 a day. Now, is that the end of the narrative? If renting a dumpster in Round Rock is on your to-do list, you need to consider other factors that affect the aggregate pricing of a dumpster rental. 

For now, treat the indicated cost as a pricing guide. Meanwhile, let me enlighten you on some elements that could substantially raise the rental cost.  

  1. The Company 

No two waste haulers are alike: every company has its way of conducting business. On that note, pricing strategies vary by company. The implication is that companies within the same locality can charge different prices for the same-sized dumpster.

 Likewise, a company with a national footprint may also charge more than a local roll-off dumpster rental company – although this may not be the case every time. Consider working with a local company offering same-day dumpster delivery if you need a dumpster urgently.

A prudent approach to hiring the smallest dumpster would involve making price comparisons from a number of firms. By weighing the options available, you can find a company whose pricing is reasonable and within your budget. Also, go for a company that is upfront about overall costs by providing an all-inclusive quote. 

  1. Location 

The location of a landfill can influence overall costs to some extent. Most waste haulers are keen to protect their bottom lines by passing down some operating costs to customers. The transport bill will most likely be on you if the dumpster hauler travels further to get to a landfill. 

Generally, the closer your location is to a landfill, the less you might have to pay for transport or pick up. Some haulers can run up the bill by including unexpected items or other surcharges. To avoid this, ask the company to provide an all-inclusive quote so that you’re not caught unawares by surprise charges. If you need a more accurate estimate,

  • Get in touch with some local waste haulers and ask for quotes for the smallest dumpster.
  • Make a comparison to find a suitable company.
  • Don’t be surprised if some of the quotes include line items that may not have crossed your mind; such is the nature of the business.
  1. Availability

Seasonal fluctuations in demand can also factor into rental prices for dumpsters. Let’s consider a scenario whereby demand rises, especially during seasonal cleanouts. In such a case, prices are likely to shoot up. 

Still, dumpster haulers may run short of smaller dumpsters, compelling you to go for a larger-than-expected litter bin. In that regard, you would have to pay more. 

  1. Additional Fees

Some companies charge extra fees due to a wide range of factors. Case in point, if you plan to dispose of hazardous materials that a waste company forbids, expect to pay extra for your load. 

The charges a waste hauler pays as a dump fee at a landfill are most likely to be paid by the client. Such payments also vary by the type of trash you’re dumping. 

You may also be called upon to pay more in the form of an overload fee if you exceed a dumpster’s weight limit. Still, if you hire the smallest dumpster and some of your waste overflows, some firms can tack on overflow fees. On that note, the aggregate cost of renting a dumpster could rise if you consider such additional fees. 

  1. Duration of the Rental

Dumpster companies have different rental policies. While some allow a seven-day rental, others provide up to 10 days. It’s not uncommon to find a company offering dumpsters for up to two weeks. Look around your area, and you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Generally, the rule of thumb is to determine the allowable duration from the rental company. Also, ask about the extra charges if you exceed the allotted time. 

Overall, keeping these factors in mind can help you understand why prices have such a wide range so you can make an informed choice. I hope you won’t feel shortchanged at the end of the day if the aggregate rental cost of the smallest dumpster turns out to be higher than what you originally envisioned.