The cost of hiring a mover will depend on the distance to your new home, the total weight of your items, and whether you’re recycling materials. Most Professional Movers will let you know their hourly rate and then multiply this by the number of hours the total job ends up taking. It’s worth asking the company to come to your home to provide a free estimate. Asking for a “Not To Exceed” quote will give you max on how much you will end up paying, so there won’t be any surprises. Some San Francisco moving companies also provide a flat rate. After getting quotes, you’ll find that most SF moving companies have an hourly rate between $100 – $120 per hour for two movers, $160 – $180 per hour for three movers, and $200 – $240 per hour for four movers.

Moving companies charge different prices for a handful of reasons: these are listed below;

Quality of Movers

Professional movers are a requirement when it comes to transporting your belongings. Whether you are moving to the next town, the next state, or even to a different country, a mover can help. Going through an agency can help ensure you get a qualified and professional team of movers. However, be sure to look at their qualifications, as their experience may vary greatly depending on the type of goods they typically move. It is not always worth paying more to get someone with greater experience if they don’t need such expertise for their regular tasks.

Carrying Insurance and Permits

One of the most important things to look out for when hiring a moving company is insured. The last thing any mover wants is to add insult to injury, so with every move comes insurance if anything along the way should happen with your shipment. While the statistical likelihood of it happening might be low, it is always—as they say—better to be safe than sorry. So if you are reviewing companies side by side and one lacks insurance, chances are they are not an official moving with proper registration; who knows how many other corners they have cut.

Standard Move vs. Full-Service Move

You will be spending around $60 to $115 per hour for the moving services that you hire. The average move is usually within a short distance, about 50 to 100 miles away, which may take between 3 to 6 hours of driving time. The cost of movers is based on the length of time required to complete the move. Moving companies require an hourly pay rate if you decide to steam your carpet and clean items such as windows. If customers need any extra or additional services, such as disassembly or reassembly for large items, an extra fee must be paid. We recommend that you plan ahead by ensuring the movers have exact change or preparing a cashier’s check.


Most moving companies will use the distance of your move to calculate the price they offer. The fuel surcharge is generally calculated based on how much it costs the company to fuel their trucks over a certain period of time. Moving companies will rarely change this price, but it’s good to ask up front.

The cheapest moving quotes are not always the best. While it seems logical to seek the most affordable rate for moving services, remember that this is a job for professionals with insurance. If a mover does not have proper insurance, you can be held liable for any damage inflicted on your goods or their employees during the move. This can result in significant unforeseen expenditures – or, even worse, a lawsuit from an uninsured company employee.