Any unforeseen situation can happen during life. No one is immune from an accident or urgent surgery with further recovery. In addition, each person inevitably ages, which contributes to the loss of the ability of his normal movement, consciousness and contributes to the development of many diseases, making it impossible to take care of himself on his own.

All of these situations require contact with nursing professionals, and our company All American Home Care, information about which can be seen on the official website at, provides a full range of services to provide both active recovery and palliative care for people who need it.

What is home health care?

Home health care is a set of measures aimed at the speedy recovery and restoration of the body of bedridden patients. This service also involves the provision of hospice services at home, when the patient has no more than 6 months to live, in case of an unfavorable prognosis for doctors.

In this case, each patient needs not only treatment and intensive care, but also psychological assistance, adherence to sanitary and hygienic requirements. The patient should feel comfortable, and his mood should not indicate depression or negative thoughts.

As a rule, relatives of a senior or a hopelessly ill person turn to home health care when they themselves are no longer able to provide proper care due to a lack of patience, professionalism, or time. Of course, this service costs money, but customers should remember that when contacting a paid service, they will relieve themselves of stress and will not see how a loved one fades before their eyes. Or he will not be angry at the excessive capriciousness of his parent, grandparents. 

How is home health care provided?

Multidisciplinary home health services include the following mandatory and supportive procedures:

·         Diagnosis of the general health of the patient.

·         Identification of suspicions of chronic diseases, congenital, acquired pathologies, or exacerbations of any diseases.

·         If necessary, refer the patient to outpatient or inpatient treatment, which includes intensive care or surgery.

·         Organization of comfortable space for treatment or rehabilitation of a patient at home.

·         Caring for an incapacitated person, accepted sanitary and hygienic procedures, change of clothes.

·         Feeding a person, including intravenously, through a catheter, if it is impossible to eat independently.

·         Providing the patient with the necessary medicines, antibiotics, as prescribed by the attending physician.

·         Massage, therapeutic procedures, inhalations.

·         If the patient needs painkillers – injections.

·         Providing round-the-clock monitoring of the patient, when organizing a hospice at home.

·         Daily health screening. Transfer of information to the attending physician.

·         Fulfillment of simple requests by the patient, the formation of a diet, going to the store, transporting a non-walking patient to the street for a walk.

·         Psychological support of the patient during the provision of palliative care.

For round-the-clock monitoring of a patient, especially if a person is in the terminal stage of an irreversible pathology, special endurance, qualifications, and experience in working with similar cases are required, which will significantly complicate the search for an agency to care for the sick and seniors at home.

How much does home health care cost and what does the price depend on?

The cost of health care services at home is determined individually, based on a preliminary estimate, which is formed in strict accordance with the patient’s condition, based on the results of his diagnosis. Our company has a detailed price list, the prices of which form the basis of calculations, taking into account increasing indices, depending on the following important criteria:

·         The general condition of the patient, the severity of the current chronic or acute illness.

·         The age of the senior, on which the intensity of his treatment depends.

·         The ability of the patient to move independently and serve himself.

·         The category of care for a patient at home is rehabilitation after surgery, injury, or another type of treatment that is accompanied by temporary disability, or palliative care in a home hospice.

·         The need for intensive care of the patient, massage, and other important procedures to keep the body in good shape.

·         The need for injections, painkillers.

·         The need to provide urgent or planned medical care using sophisticated equipment.

·         The bodyweight of the patient, on which the number of attendants for its transportation depends.

·         The general psychological state of the patient, the need to provide him with appropriate assistance with the participation of psychologists and other mental specialists.

·         The patient has extended medical insurance, which is approved by the health authorities in the state.

We are one of the few companies that provide an individual approach to each client. The patient will be prescribed only those procedures that are strictly necessary to ensure the normal functioning of his body. We completely eliminate the appointment of unnecessary procedures, which allows our customers to avoid significant costs.

Who pays for this service?

Payment for palliative or rehabilitative care at home is a subject of active discussion between the customer and the insurance company. As a rule, when providing long-term care at home, without assigning specific terms for the patient’s recovery, the insurance company refuses to pay for such services because of the risk of losing profits. At the same time, there are some situations when a client may require compensation for the money spent, and also in America there are certain categories of patients who can count on benefits, such as:

·         The patient’s insurance policy assumes the availability of full or partial coverage of services (franchise) in the provision of palliative care to patients (for example, during the first weeks or months of stay at a home hospital).

·         The enterprise where the patient worked or continues to work agrees to cover part of the costs of ensuring comfortable human life.

·         In the process of providing care for seniors in the last stages of life, volunteers are involved.

·         The patient is a veteran of the war or has previously been awarded some kind of insignia from government agencies, provided that these benefits are consistent with state policy.

·         In the case of payment for services for the care of a sick or elderly person through charitable foundations or private donations, including anonymous ones.

·         If the patient or his relatives do not have the means to provide full-fledged medical or social care for an elderly person, the local authorities agree to provide certain subsidies.

Our company All American Home Care cooperates with many insurance companies that are ready to provide any kind of assistance to their patients on the most favorable terms. When contacting us, we consider any insurance policy and send for approval to the office of the organization only those sets of services that are really vital for the patient with the rationale for each diagnosis and confirming it with accompanying documents.

What does All American Home Care do?

The All American Home Care Center is one of the few organizations that provides a full range of rehabilitation or palliative care services to people in need at home. We are well aware that at home, an elderly person or a patient with a serious illness will feel comfortable, which will significantly affect the duration of his quality and active life. We are chosen by hundreds of customers from across the state and beyond, and we are also on the lists of the most reputable profile agencies due to the following undeniable advantages:

·         We have the licenses and articles of incorporation required by law.

·         Our state employs only the best highly qualified doctors and nurses.

·         All our employees have diplomas of graduation from a specialized university or college.

·         We refer only experienced nurses with a large number of letters of recommendation to our patients.

·         We provide remote and offline service 24/7, which eliminates the risk to the patient’s life due to the work of around-the-clock assets and doctors who are ready to immediately provide the necessary assistance.

·         In addition to household care, our nurses also always diagnose the state of the body, take tests, measure blood pressure, and, if necessary, provide medication or therapeutic treatment for the patient at home.

·         If necessary, we also involve orderlies to the patient, who help to transport him for a walk, around the house, or to the bathroom.

·         We work with many agencies and insurance companies, our clients note affordable prices and minimal commissions when contacting intermediaries.

·         Before prescribing treatment, a comprehensive diagnosis of a person’s condition is carried out, his medical history and other documents are studied in order to accurately determine the procedure and volume of assistance.

When contacting us, we provide each patient with qualified medical personnel and experienced nurses. We can safely guarantee the highest quality care for a reasonable price, and our satisfied customers and their relatives leave only the most positive recommendations about us.