Concrete cost per square foot ranges from town to town and state to state in the U.S. However, the price of concrete usually depends on the availability of materials and labor at a person’s disposal.

The mentioned above factors are equally important when coming up with a new driveway at home or a new patio. One of the most important things to consider is the complications of a project. Is the new concrete going to be stamped concrete? Is the new concrete colored? Is there good access for the crew to get in and out of the work area with heavy machinery? Are we removing old concrete or dirt, Etc. The list really goes on. 

The Thickness of a Concrete Driveway

Many people often ask, how thick should a concrete driveway be? The concrete driveway is poured with a standard thickness of 4 inches in Denver. These are usually finished with a light broom finish. Meanwhile, control joints are installed every 8” by 8” for the driveway in Denver. If the Driveway will be used for commercial purposes and hold heavy trunks, then the desired thickness should be 6” to 8” thick. 

Additional designs can be added by contractors later on at an extra charge. A concrete driveway goes for the average following costs based on 500sf.

  • Basic- prices are about $5100.
  • Mid-range- $7,650 is the maximum price.
  • High-end- $11,500 is the price.

Stamped Concrete Cost

The average cost of a concrete stamped is divided into three categories:

  • Basic: The basic concrete costs are between $12 to $14 dollars. It features one color and one stamped pattern, which a designer can’t change.
  • Midrange: The midrange concrete costs are between $15 and $17. It has a superb finish, overlying patterns, and borders.
  • High-end– the high-end concrete finishes usually cost more than $18 for every square foot required. It comes in many colors, designs, exclusive coloring, and unique patterns.

The cost of stamped concrete depends on location, labor, materials, and the size of the area where contractors will utilize it. Certified concrete contractors in Denver, such as Denver concrete artisans, are the best in dealing with stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete Walkway

In Denver, the average cost for making a concrete walkway per square foot is $8/sf and $12/sf. Prices can increase depending on the requirements someone wants to add to the surface.

Since the walkways come in various sizes and shapes, prices may increase or decrease depending on Denver’s concrete prices chart. Contractors may increase their prices depending on labor cost or lack of materials required in making the walkway.

Cost Per Square Foot of Concrete in Denver

While installing a driveway or a patio, the cost per square foot of concrete in Denver ranges from $10 per square foot to about $16 per square foot.

 What matters most about the cost is that a person’s estimates and the required materials should sync for work to be done when installing a patio or driveway.

Cost Per Square Foot of Concrete for City Sidewalk in Denver

When doing City Sidewalk, the price per SF increases for many reasons. First of all, the City has requirements your contractor must follow which include:

-A stronger concrete mix

-Meet ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility.

-Your contractor must hold a Right of way license with the City Of Denver. 

-Contractor is required to warranty for 3 years.

-Contractor must carry work comp and general liability.

-Thickness depends on use, for multi use (walking and driving on) sections of sidewalk, the concrete must be 6”thick. For regular sidewalk, 4” thick is the requirement. This changes for commercial applications. 

Since we have all the above requirements and standards to meet, the price per sf can range from $12/sf up to $20. Any estimates under 12$/sf, you must do your due diligence on researching if this contractor is licensed and educated on all city requirements. 

How Much is a Yard of Concrete in Square Feet?

People often ask, how much is a yard of concrete in square feet? The answer to this question is 80sf poured 4” thick.

So how much does a yard of concrete cost in square feet? Depending on the mix, in Denver Colorado, Around $200 maximum total can be charged. Based on a 4500 psi mix which is the Required mix if working on City of Denver Property. Concrete cost per yard in Denver is quite expensive since there is a need to build strong buildings and driveways to withstand harsh weather conditions. Also since Covid, the prices are steadily rising every quarter.


In Denver, the prices of concrete vary on many things. However, suppose one decides to construct a driveway, patio, or walkway. Its best to consult with multiple contractors and come up with a plan and budget that best fits. Always take into consideration the following:

Does a permit need to be pulled? Is your Concrete contractor Licensed with the City of Denver to pull permits? How thick of concrete do you need poured? What kind of reinforcement is best for your concrete slab? Whats the warranty your contractor offer?

Ask as many questions as you can so in the end, you are happy with the outcome of your project and happy with the attention your contractor has showed.