Want to know auto locksmith cost? Many people believe getting locked out of a car is a long shot, interestingly enough, over 16000 car and home lockouts happen each day in America. Anyone can get caught in such situations, therefore, it is best to have the contact information of a locksmith.

Car locksmiths’ costs are always a top worry for car owners. After getting locked out of the car, it is natural to wonder how much a locksmith will charge to unlock the car. Fortunately, it is not going to cost a fortune to break back into your own car.

How Much Does an Auto Locksmith Cost?

Depending on the lock and key repair services, it may typically cost anywhere from $100 to $225. The cost will vary depending on location, the type of lock, the vehicle model, and the time of the day. If services were needed after working hours, you will likely have to pay more than the standard charges.

Unlocking luxury cars cost extra money as they can only be unlocked using specialized tools. A car owner has to pay roughly around $10 if the locksmith had to travel far to get to the location.

Here’s a breakdown of auto locksmith services’ cost

  • Average Cost – On average, a car owner has to pay $160 for the locksmith’s services and time. However, this amount varies depending on the complexity of the task.
  • Lowest Cost – The minimum cost that a locksmith will charge for unlocking a car is $100. It will be increased from $125 to $150 if the services were acquired outside the normal working hour.
  • Highest Cost – Depending on the complexity of the job and the car’s model, a car owner may have to pay between $225 and $250.

Average Costs of Auto Locksmith Services

  • Unlocking Car During Normal Working Hours – Extra charges would not be applied if the locksmith services are acquired during regular business hours. You may have to spend approximately $75 to $160 to unlock the door.
  • Unlocking Car After Normal Working Hours – If you get locked out at night or on a holiday, you will have to pay a flat fee for after-hour Auto locksmith services.
  • Getting the Car Rekeyed – Rekeying the car would cost between $50-$300. On average, it costs $50 to $150 to get the car rekeyed.
  • Replace Locks – If you intend to put new locks on the vehicle, it will cost more than unlocking cars. The service cost for replacing locks may go up from $200 to $600.
  • Rekey Ignition – Since the ignition process can be a bit more complicated than rekeying, a car owner will have to spend $60 to $200.
  • Installing a New Keypad – New luxury cars have a keypad to get into the car without a key. It costs more or less $400 to install a new keypad.
  • Getting New Keys – A locksmith can provide new keys for an affordable price of $5 to $25. Newer car models have transponder keys with chips which can be a bit expensive to replace.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Locksmith Services

  • Services Required – Locksmiths are not only hired for unlocking doors but they provide many valuable services including rekeying, replacing locks, new keypad installation, and key duplication. The ultimate cost will differ depending on the type of services required.
  • Lock Type – The type of lock and how long it takes to access it are determining factors. It’s a no-brainer that unlocking complicated locks will cost more than simple ones.
  • Location – Most companies charge a flat fee for traveling outside the service area. In addition to the service cost, the car owner will be paying extra depending on how far the locksmith had to travel to reach you.
  • Time of Day – The extra cost will be charged for requesting services after business hours, weekends, and holidays.


Most reputable locksmiths typically charge you for their time as well as the material and specialized tools required to get the job done. The actual cost of locksmith services will depend on a number of factors.