Kidneys are vital organs of the human body that process waste and toxins. The kidney secretes a waste component called creatinine into the blood. Healthy kidneys get rid of this creatinine easily, and the ease with which this process is done reflects the condition of the kidney.

The creatinine serum test, therefore, helps medical professionals figure out how effectively the kidneys of any patient are working. It also helps with the identification of medical conditions such as acute renal failure.

In this article, we will be touching upon what the kidney function test is and other vital information that one needs to possess before getting tested. We will also be discussing the kidney function test price.

Creatinine Test: A Brief

The creatinine test majorly looks at any renal complications that have arisen due to any reason. Several symptoms might imply that one needs to get this test done – which includes pain in the lower back, swelling of certain body parts like wrists, and so on.

Other issues like vomiting, lack of appetite, high BP, and so on may also point to a malfunctioning kidney. Hence, one should get a creatinine test in such cases too. The procedure of this test is like any other blood test that involves a sample of blood being withdrawn from the arm of a patient, which is then sent for testing. The test may also invite the patient to submit a urine sample, which they can get from home too.

How to interpret the results of a creatinine test

The results of the creatinine test, or the kidney function test, depend on several factors. This implies that the results of this test can be greatly influenced by the patient’s age, gender, and the build of their body.

However, there is a general range that is considered normal when talking about creatinine test results. They are as follows:

  • In men: 0.9 to 1.3 mg/dl
  • In women: 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dl

The above range is considered for the age group of 18 years to 60 years. People belonging to age groups below or over this one may have varying ranges of ‘normal’.

If the creatinine test results are higher than the normal range in an individual, there are risks of renal complications being present within the body. Hence, a medical professional should be consulted to discuss further tests and/or possible treatment options.

However, if the creatinine test results are lower than the normal range in a particular patient, then it is not may not be a cause of immediate concern. Complications in such cases are considered quite rare, and the reason behind this test result is usually put upon low body mass.

Things to keep in mind before getting a kidney function test

  • A kidney function test may require the patient to fast the night before getting tested. Hence, it is best to consult the medical professional regarding it beforehand to avoid any confusion later.
  • If you are on creatinine supplements, you will be asked to stop taking them for about 24 hours before the test. This allows the blood test to represent an accurate result without the interference of any foreign component.
  • Make sure that the clinic that you choose to go to is a reputed and well-rated one. Since these test results will be responsible for identifying some possibly fatal medical conditions, it is best to not compromise the quality of the clinic.

Costs of creatinine or kidney function test

Now that we are thorough with all the information that we need to know before getting a creatinine or a kidney function test, it is time to move on to the most important part – the kidney function test price.

While the test may sound complicated, it is not that complex when it comes to kidney function test price. The average cost of getting a kidney function test lies between 100 rs to 200 rs. This makes it extremely affordable for anyone to get tested.

The kidney function test price varies a lot depending upon several factors. These include where the clinic is the situation, the city of your residence, and the policy of the individual clinic itself. While some clinics may demand a higher fee, several clinics test just as well at a reasonable range of price.


Assessing the functioning of our kidneys is very important because any complication within it can lead to some very expensive and dangerous conditions. Whether you get one done through your routine full-body checkup or if you get one because you had certain symptoms – it is best to go to good professionals who have not provided a bad service to their previous clients.

Since this test is quite affordable too, there should be no reason for one to neglect it. Hopefully, this article will provide you with a brief about the creatinine serum test and all you need to know about kidney function test prices.