One of the first questions we ask ourselves when we go to the dentist is how much the visit will cost us and what intervention will be performed. In this post we will try to resolve at least the question of what dental treatments are covered by social security. If you’re searching for an online dentist consultation, feel free to explore our website for more information.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the dental services offered by social security are quite limited , therefore it is often best not to despair and consider other options such as requesting some financial aid or bank financing to be able to pay the treatment that is needed. Most dental clinics today have this service available to patients. Many people also look for Dental Tourism to make their long term dental treatment cheaper.

It is important to differentiate the type of treatments into two groups:

  1. Treatments carried out on people over 15 years of age.
  2. Treatments carried out on children under 15 years of age.
  3. Treatments carried out on people over 15 years of age.

Covered dentistry:

  • Infections and inflammations.
  • Tooth extraction.
  • Biopsy.
  • Treatment of wounds, injuries, trauma.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Guidance in taking preventive measures.
  • Dentistry not covered:
  • Orthodontics.
  • Dental implants.
  • Medical tests.

Treatments carried out on children under 15 years of age. In this age range we find a much wider range of possibilities.

  • Covered dentistry:
  • -Sealing cracks.
  • -Obturation.
  • -Filling.
  • -Endodontia.
  • -Tooth extraction.
  • -Mouth cleaning.
  • -Treatment of incisor and canine malformations or trauma.
  • -Guidance in taking preventive measures.
  • Dentistry not covered:
  • -All the treatments mentioned, but for non-permanent teeth (except orientation).
  • -Orthodontics.

In addition to the treatments mentioned above, there are what are called social security dental aids:

The dental aids social security are different depending on the autonomous community to which we belong and mainly focus on oral care for children. All this information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health:

Below I show you a small summary so that you can inform yourself:

Treatment of acute dental processes, understood as infectious and / or inflammatory processes that affect the oral area, osseo dental trauma, wounds and injuries to the oral mucosa, as well as acute pathology of the temporomandibular joint. It includes oral advice, pharmacological treatment of oral pathology that requires it, extractions, surgical extractions, minor surgery of the oral cavity, oral revision for the early detection of premalignant lesions and, where appropriate, biopsy of mucous lesions. According to some people Dental holidays is the best way to get your oral treatment complete in a less money.

Preventive exploration  of the oral cavity in pregnant women.

Preventive and welfare measures  for the child population.

Everything related to orthodontics, dental implants and other interventions and actions often necessary to ensure good dental health is not covered by this coverage.

Who Can Benefit from these Grants?

  • Large families.
  • Unemployed and unemployed people.
  • Pensioners and retired people.
  • People with special needs.


Specific aid for oral care are not the same throughout the national territory. Our advice is that  you go to your health center  to find out what help exists in your case.

Another option could be to  go to social service centers , as there are also communities that offer aid through social action departments. If you’re having difficulties finding a dental clinic, searching for a phrase like “dentist near me staten island should produce a list of options that you can reach out to.

In addition, there is one of the options that is having greater acceptance today and that is to take into account that there are some dental clinic Toronto  that have a dental education program in which patients can have dental treatments at very cheap prices or in these centers 100% of the cases are performed by dentists who are learning the specialty always under the supervision of the teaching staff.

In addition, the guarantee of the treatment is the same as when it is carried out in a conventional dental clinic. An example is the IESO dental clinic on Calle Orense 46 in Madrid that collaborates with the IESO Institute.

We hope you have found this article informative and helpful for the query how much do dentists charge. Now you can confidently visit a dental clinic and get your treatment done as you have an idea of how much it could cost you. Have a nice day and please read our other exciting content and topics.