How many private prisons are in the US: do you know about the number of prisons in the United States? If not already, then you must be interested to see the number and location of these prisons. You may also wonder why these prisons exist and where exactly these prisons are located.

Give us more information on this below and find out how many prisons there are.

What is a private prison?

First, it is also known as a nonprofit prison and it is a place where people are imprisoned by another third party, not by the government but the government mandates it.

Let’s find out how many private prisons there are in the US.

The first state to adopt a private prison

Texas is the first US state to accept private prisons with large numbers of people under state jurisdiction in 1985.

There were 13,985 inmates in a Texas prison in 2000, and it will drop to 12,728 in 2017. There was a -9.0 percent change in this prison.

Earlier history of privatization of prisons

After the American Revolution, privatization of prisons was followed for the purpose of detaining and custody of such prisoners. Deprived of undesirable things and ship criminals, they put them in “prison ships”. The first prison was established in 1852 and still operates as San Quentin.

The next phase is the reconstruction period after the end of the civil war. In early 1868, some of the prisoner’s leases were transferred to private entities to supplement the workforce. This system still exists.

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Earl of a prisoner in the USA

There are many prisons in America and some of the jurisdictions are listed below:

• Alabama

• Arizona

• California

• Colorado

• Arkansas

• D.C.

• Connecticut

• California

• Florida

• Delaware

• Illinois

• Hawaii

• Georgia

• Indiana

• Kentucky

• Maryland

• Iowa

• Louisiana

• Maine

• Montana

• Mississippi

• Michigan

• Missouri

• New York

• North Carolina and many more.

As of 2017, and according to sources, there are 121,718 private prisons in the US.

What did Biden say about these prisons?

The newly elected president of the United States, Joe Biden, ordered the Department of Justice to eliminate the use of private prisons and reduce dependency. He also admitted to the government the introduction of a certain housing policy.

In announcing this ordinance regarding the number of private prisons in the US, it also recommends that the federal government respect all tribes and stop discriminating against Pacific Islanders and the Asiatic-American community. He focused on fair housing policies for all.


After researching the information about the prison and all new updates, we established the number of prisons and their location. We also released a new update from America’s new president regarding the use of these prisons.

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