Have you ever heard of the massacre at a school located in the United Statesof America? Do you recall the name of the school? This article contains all the details.

While Canada witnessed the massacre, You can learn more about it by reading this article.

How many people were killed in Sandy Hook?

Although the incident occurred in 2012 it is believed that a 20-yearold man entered Sandy Hook School and began firing bullets. Twenty students and more than 26 others had been killed.

This news spread around the globe, and Barack Obama made a strong statement against Adam Lanza, who was responsible for this attack. Adam is no longer being updated. We will let you know if anything is discovered about Adam.

How many people were killed in Columbine?

It was also a huge massacre that took place in the year 199. A man entered the school, and opened fire with many bullets at everyone. Numerous people lost their lives in that horrible incident.

We found out that 12 seniors students, along with their teachers, died, and many more were injured. While suicide had not yet been committed, few people were killed. There were also a few who tried to escape the school but were hit by bullets.

How many people were killed in Sandy Hook?

As we discussed the massacre earlier, we learned that Adam caused the death of 46 people as well as students. The victim has been sentenced to prison. Some sources claim that this event claimed the lives of more than 118 people.

America has suffered 26 Scholl Attacks, in which many people have died. The government has become more strict. They offer high security to protect their people from these types of attacks. So now you know How Many Sandy Hook Children Perished?

Why does this topic have become so popular on the Internet?

This topic is on the rise because Americans who lived in Texas or elsewhere in America shared the experiences of their family members. Because of this, many people around the world are trying to find those who were responsible for the massacres.

Final Verdict:

We found out that Sandy hook’s massacre claimed more than 20 lives and 26 deaths according to internet reports. Some reports also stated that the total number killed would reach 118.

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