Do you have any information about the amount of K-12 schools that exist in the United States? The Texas school was the site of an attack by shooting that killed 21 students who were on the campus. Following the incident, many people from and around the United States asked regarding the security of the junior high schools, and also a letter by the school’s authorities

The guardian must also be aware of the security arrangements at the school. Today, we’ll attempt to figure out what the solution is to the question: How many K-12 schools in the United States. We will look into the data regarding school numbers across the United States.

What are your thoughts on the number of schools?

In the United States formal education begins at five or six years old. Primary school students begins the kindergarten or primary school. The most recent statistics show the following figures about the school.

  • Total Public and Private K-12 Schools- 130930
  • Secondary School’s Number- 26727
  • Combined School’s Number- 15804
  • Primary School’s Number- 87498

There are various kinds of schools. The number of various types of schools is close to 901.

N.B. The information is derived out of the NCES report.

How Many Public Schools in the Us

Find out the amount of public schools across the country. According to the administration division, there are public schools. There include a number of groups like Traditional public schools as well as charter public schools.

  • Public School Traditional- 91,328 (Report, 2018-2019)
  • Private School-32461 (Report, 2017-2018)
  • Charter Public School- 7427 (Report, 2018-2019)

In all the schools that are public, you will find a lot of high schools. Take a look at the following statistics:

  • Public school with total enrollment of 98755
  • Junior School- 2375
  • Middle school- 13447
  • Primary School- 54159
  • Combined School- 6586
  • High School- 21497
  • Another school 691.
  • N.B.The date is taken in the reports for 2018-19.

How Many K-12 Schools in the Us

We’ve previously discussed the number of schools for K-12 in the previous discussion. However, as per the “National Center for Education Statistics” (NCES) there are more schools than ever before. been increasing over the past five years.

“The “NCES” report says enrollment in public schools grew by almost 29 percent. The numbers was up by 39.4 million , to 50.7 million. On the other hand the enrollment of elementary schools has risen more slowly than the enrollment of public schools.

Based on information from the data source for 2020, within the public schools of 130930, the number of students is 49.4 millions students. I hope you can find the answerfor – What is the number of K-12 students in the United States?

Why is the News Trending?

It is trending since lots of people are looking for the schools across the country. This latest incident has led many parents take this action. However several news media outlets have this story on their websites.

Many are posting their thoughts on social media platforms. In order to protect themselves people look up the names of students and schools in the nation.


In the end, it is possible to claim that numerous civil society and social institution institutions are worried regarding the safety of their schools. The authority has granted permission to how many K-12 schools in America. There are many who want the government to address the security arrangements.