The first and most important thing is understanding what verification is and how you can verify your Instagram account.

Verification means a form of validation represented by a blue tick on a social media account. The appearance of a blue tick on an Instagram account is a form of authenticity and conveys the message that this is the only valid and actual account of your business.

Instagram verification:

Instagram verification means that Instagram has validated the authenticity of any public figure, celebrity, or brand. Seeing a blue tick on the profile of personality or brand means the surety of authenticity of the account. It decreases the chances of going through fake profiles instead of the real ones. It represents the official Instagram account of that person or brand.

Process of getting verified on Instagram:

The process of getting verification is simple. Firstly you should log into your account and open settings. You need to go to option “Account” and click on “request verification.” After sending the request, you must fill in the requirements and send it for review.

The process of sending the request is simple and easy. But it doesn’t mean that getting verified on Instagram is very easy. It is a badge or certificate of authenticity given by social media to a well-known public figure or a trusted brand.

Instagram never defined a limit or an exact number of followers to get verified. There are many accounts with only 1k followers on Instagram and earned verification badges. On the other hand, many other Instagram accounts didn’t get verified despite having more than 1 million followers. You must have a minimum of one thousand followers if you want to send a request for verification of your account. But you don’t need to undoubtedly get verified if you reach up to a specific number of followers. More number of followers is a key to getting successful verification on Instagram. But only a large number of followers does not mean you will get a verification badge. But you must take care of some fundamental points to get verified on Instagram. Here are some tips to follow to Increase Instagram Followers and get verified on Instagram.

1: Fill in all the required information on your Instagram profile:

The essential requirement to get verified on Instagram is to fill out all necessary information about you and your business. Give complete details, and write a good autobiography. Your profile photo must be uploaded and reflect your personality or your business. The brand’s logo may be uploaded as a company profile picture. It is also necessary to write your website and tagline in your autobiography.

Hence all the information given must be accurate. Your Instagram profile doesn’t consist of any fake news. It will automatically attract more followers to your profile. Moreover, it will also help draw the media’s attention to your profile. An increase in followers is the key to getting verified on Instagram.

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2: Staying active on your Instagram account:

After filling in all the complete information, the next step is to make your profile updated all the time. Suppose you won’t stay active on your social media account and won’t post frequent updates on your account. Your followers will lose interest in looking up your profile. 

If you frequently update your account with new stories and exciting content. It will automatically attract more followers to your Instagram account. 

Staying active also means that you should communicate with your followers at different times. Take time to read their comments, respond to them and make a stronger bond with your followers.

3: Enhance your searchability:

Another helpful feature to getting verified on Instagram is to become popular among people, and your followers must search for you frequently on the internet. And to organically improve your searchability, you must improve your PR. It would be best if you stayed in the limelight to draw the people’s attention. And another option is to buy Real and Active instagram followers form for getting popularity and enhance your searchability.

4: Make your style and Instagram account more unique:

Another suggestion to get more followers and verify your Instagram account quickly is to make your Instagram account unique. The content you share on Instagram must be different from others. Using your aesthetic sense to get unique and share stories based on new ideas would be best. Unique hashtags may also help make your Instagram account exciting and different from others.

Another helpful thing to make your account unique to attract more followers is to hire a professional PR agent. So he may create and upload engaging content on your account. Your followers will remain updated about you. Your assistant may work more keenly to get you more followers on Instagram either by attracting them with new stories. Another option is to buy followers from to get an authentic and trustworthy following so your account can get a verification badge quickly.