The concept of coworking spaces is widely spreading and is becoming one of the most fast-growing trends in the business world. The popularity of these spaces is because of the freedom it offers, and people tend to be more productive at work. Thus, it is also fundamental to automate the key processes to move your business forward.

Mailroom management plays a vital role in coworking operations. Since manual systems have become an old school for this modern trend, coworking spaces need intelligent package management software. To have a smooth and efficient package management experience, PackageX designed an intelligent Mailroom software that is flexible and responsive while maintaining the workers’ fluctuating demands and giving a high level of security. 

Mailroom by PackageX is a mailroom management system that helps revolutionize how organizations process their mails. It offers a broad range of features that transforms the tracking process into a hassle-free one via an automated system. So, when a package arrives, the mailroom employees will scan the barcodes on the mail within seconds, which reads the recipient’s information. This, in return, sends an automated email that notifies them of the arrival of their package. And voila, it’s as simple as that. This software will organize the data, track recipients’ delivery preferences, remind recipients to pick up packages after a specified period, and has other numerous features. It is an efficient mailroom management system to automate your coworking space mailroom.

How PackageX Revolutionized Coworking Spaces Mailrooms?

Let’s see below what makes Mailroom by PackageX the right package management system for your coworking space. 

Time-Saving Process

Using a smartphone to scan and smart track your delivery will save a lot of your time. You can scan incoming package labels, log the data, and send instant notifications with photos to package recipients in seconds. 

Improved Security

The biggest security risk while sending out mails is the loss of packages due to human error. The Mailroom software by PackageX employs the use of optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which is what makes it so beneficial and serves to decrease the chances of human error greatly. The app permits one to scan QR codes, barcodes, and even handwritten labels.

Safe Delivery

Using Mailroom by PackageX prevents package theft by requiring proof of delivery; it could be a signature or photo of the receiver with the package. If any package goes missing or is misplaced, you have access to a complete chain of custody. 

Smart Scheduling

Mailroom by PackageX only needs a smartphone to function as a contactless mailroom. The Mailroom app allows you to scan up to 50 packages in a go without any disturbance. All of this, in return, improves satisfaction, saves uptime by reducing unneeded messages, and ensures the smooth flow of delivery.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

This digital Mailroom by PackageX helps in improving customer satisfaction as everything is streamlined. There is no missing paperwork that could lead to poor responses. Moreover, 24/7 support is available in case of any issue. No matter the query, the customer support team is here to help you all throughout the day.

Freedom of Workers

The most significant advantage of this software is seen when facing the challenge of the freedom of workers. People can come and go whenever they want. This app allows an effective way to set an alternative, whether they’re available on the premises or not. Or save up a fair amount of time through a quick pick-up option from the mailroom. It also tracks their preferences for holding or delivering their packages.

Customization and Notifications

The Mailroom by PackageX assists you in quickly notifying the recipients about the deliveries of their packages and sending automated reminders via an email or text message, all within a click. It grants you the option to add labels or any special notes to the package, which the recipients view as a plus point. Moreover, it allows you to send notifications regarding the delivery status throughout the delivery process, which helps keep a record of the chain of custody of the mail. You can effortlessly send automated reminders in the form of an email or a text making the whole process efficient and convenient.

Digitalize Your Mail Management

The Mailroom app by PackageX grants the autonomy to hold, forward, or destroy their mail, just one tap away. They can choose the fate of their parcels through Mailroom Connect, which offers an astounding collection of features.

Package Tracking Report

The tracking feature of the Mailroom app by PackageX eliminates the need to contact the mailroom to get an update regarding their package. It also ensures recording every package hand-off along the way up till its final destination, which prevents the possibility of losing the package. The access to the complete chain of custody on the software makes the tracking of the mail much more efficient.

Same Day Delivery

Same-day delivery of products will essentially change the way people think about shipping to get their package delivered. Dispatch by PackageX provides the best traditional and on-demand courier services. Its retailers spread throughout the country and offer same-day shipping at economical rates that are a steal. In just a minute, sign up on the app, fill in the required information, and get started on generating labels to track deliveries.     


Using digital mailroom technology in your business, you can revolutionize your coworking mailroom for the long haul. With Mailroom by PackageX, you can optimize your mailroom workflow so errors are minimized. It provides you with the flexibility of adapting to your current system. The intelligent features that range from smart scheduling to automating the whole process will help your mailroom operate better than ever.