Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have split following a marriage of five and 16 years marriage. The news is all over the place and a lot of United States media houses are discussing the same issue. Fans are discussing the reasons behind their split. Do you think about the similar?

The article we’ll look at their relationship, and most important, how long have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet been together.

What is the way Janson Momoa’s and Lisa Bonet’s Love Story Started?

To find out the precise amount of time they’ve had a relationship and their wedding date, we’ll explore their love story. So, let’s see.

In 1987, Jason was watching Lisa on the screen of his television.

From Jason It was romance at first sight however, it was not as intense as you might think. In the year 1980, Bonet’s career established and Jason was as if he had found his wife of choice an ideal girl who will be admired for the rest of all of his life. Jason said that she was my queen in my life.

The question is, How Long Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet been in love? Find out more.

In 2005, Jason Bonet and Jason Bonet were at an Jazz nightclub.

The two of them were at a jazz club. He was buzzing with adrenaline and decided to wear the coolest and most appropriate hairstyle. Furthermore, he was already picked her hairstyle. He also said I have Dreadlocks, while she has Dreadlocks. I meet her, and she disappears. I persuaded Bonet to drive me to her home , and after that we stopped by the cafe and we walked into each other’s eyes and the topic of love came up.

In 2007, both had Their First Child.

Since the age of 12 they welcomed their very first baby girl, Lola. She’s now 13 years young. Today, How Long Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonetlived together? It’s going to be three years. In any case it was her second child, and also Momoa’s. Their bond grew stronger and they were living their lives happily with one another.

After 10 years of marriage, in 2017 the couple was married in a ceremony that was official. The ceremony took place at California, United States. In 2019, they were both in co-ordination during the Oscars. In 2021, however the two have made the decision to break up. But, the reason behind it is that they began experiencing changes.

Over 14 years of romance and love have created an incredible bond. They also have their first daughter. But, the exact reason is still unknown.

How Much Time Have Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet ?

Since their first date until their marriage and they shared 16 years of marriage. They are now getting divorced .

the Bottom Line

Lisa Bonet was married to Lenny Kravitz from 1987-1993, and they had one daughter. From 2017 to 2022, Bonet married Jason Momoa and they have one daughter. The truth is, Jason and Lisa were an amazing couple who lived an amazing life together and then, in 2022 they parted ways and decided to begin with a fresh start.

Do you know how long Do You Think It’s Been Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet? They are 16 years old. What do you think of this couple? Do you enjoy them? Tell us your thoughts with us in the comment box.