Nothing lasts forever, and this includes cannabis. Weed stays good, fresh, and potent only for a small time, even if you have stored it properly. If you have not stored your stash correctly, it can dry out, expire, and become harsh.

Under the proper storage conditions, weed can stay fresh for six to twelve months. While using it will not be dangerous after this time, it will simply not give you an excellent high. This guide will discuss what conditions might dry your bud out fast and how you can properly store it to extend its freshness and potency.

Loss of THC

THC is the ingredient in cannabis that gives it its punch. However, over time, the THC level in these plants drops. On average, you will lose about 17% of THC in one year of storage; this would be higher if you have not kept them in cannabis glass jars and improper storage.

Besides that, the terpenes in cannabis also break down with time. Hence, the weed will lose its scent, freshness, and potency. In fact, if you have kept them in improper conditions in humid and damp climates, the weed bud or cannabis strains can develop mold. 

Improper storage conditions are the main reason why your weed loses its freshness and THC content. Some of the common storage mistakes that can reduce the life of your weed include:

  • Keeping your bud in a plastic bag
  • Keeping the bud in a large jar or container that is too big
  • Exposing your bud to light and heat 

Can You Still Smoke It? 

Suppose you have come across an old bag of weed that you had lost. If it has been kept for over a year, you might be wondering if it is still okay to smoke it. At best, it might not give you a good hit, but smoking old weed might make you smoke in some cases. 

To know if your old bag of weed is okay to smoke, it is important that you pay attention to the following:


If you had kept your weed in damp and humid conditions, it might have developed mould. This is generally hard to spot, so you need to look closely. Mouldy weed would likely have a white or grey coating. It will also have an odd smell that can be best described as being similar to hay.  


The best way to tell if your weed is okay to smoke is by smell. If your weed has a funny and unusual odour or none at all, then it is best to throw it out. Weed is supposed to smell fresh and pungent, but it might have gotten bad if it is more musky and mildewy.

When you want to enjoy the real quality of the smell you can try using one hitters since they have an excellent distribution of the temperature and the amount of THC that is in each puff.


Another thing to look out for is the texture of the weed. The texture can be too dry and crumbly, which means that it might break down if you press it too hard. In other cases, it might be too damp. To test its dampness, you should pull the buds apart and see if they make a sound. If they don’t, it means that the bud is damp and might have mould.

It is best not to smoke the buds and toss them out in either case. 

How to Extend Shelf Life of Weed

In order to ensure that your weed lasts you for a long time and stays in quality shape, it is best if you follow certain measures to store the weed properly. They include the following:

Choose the Right Container

Glass weed jars are your best bet at storing your weed. Hence, you should ditch large containers and plastic bags. They let too much light and oxygen in, which can mess with its potency. Most cannabis packaging companies provide special storage jars with airtight seals for weed.

Keep a Close Watch on the Humidity

Ensure that the humidity in the room is 59 to 63 percent because higher humidity will lead to mould, and lower humidity can dry the weed bud out. To ensure your cannabis stays humid, you could also get humidity packs that are kept in jars. 

Keep It in a Cool and Dry Place At All Times

 It is imperative that you store your weed in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Hence, it is best kept in a cabinet or box. The ideal temperature for such a room has to be below 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Words

You can check your weed bud to see if it’s fresh and okay to smoke with the aforementioned tips. You can also follow compliance packaging methods to ensure your weed stays potent and promising for a long time! 

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