Roof restoration is often viewed as the best investment for keeping a home safe and secure. Restoring your roof ensures that the structure has more of a life cycle capacity than previously expected! 

A roof restoration takes more than just repairing a roof; it also includes giving the home’s exterior a makeover and bringing it back to its original glory. Besides, it is more cost-effective than replacing a whole roof. As for the duration, assuming the weather is favorable, roof restoration will take 2 to 7 days.

However, this is not all, as roof restoration is a vast process. Besides, there are different steps to take when approaching roof restoration, the factors influencing the time frame, and the type of restoration needed. Read on the breakdown of the entire process and each time frame. 

Factors That Determine the Duration of Roof Restoration

The time it takes to repair a roof hinge on various variables. What we’ve outlined below should get you going in the right direction. 


The size of your rooftop will impact restoration time. Between a larger roof and the amount of time, it will take to rebuild. Thus, bigger roofs take more time to rebuild than smaller ones.

The state of your roof

During restoration, there are different conditions to consider. This is the overall quality of the roof itself; any missing or cracked tiles, corroded gutters, or shingles. Painting may also be needed. So, time entirely depends on the number of repairs needed. 


Some materials need more time to install on your roof than others. Since heavy materials like concrete and clay tile take longer for preparation and installation, you shouldn’t let installation time dictate which material you use on your roof. Take some time to select the right material for your roof so that you know it’s a good fit for you.


When having your roof repaired after a leak, the roof’s pitch can significantly affect how long it will take to fix. Steep roofs are more tricky to work on, as specialized equipment may be required to do the job properly and safely.

Trees near steeper roofs may need to be trimmed back for workers to get up or down the steep incline. Flat roofs are much easier and quicker to repair, allowing contractors to lay down shingles more swiftly.

Number of workers

Finally, you will also want to consider the number of workers on the job when determining how long it should take to restore a roof. Many things will affect how long it takes, but one often overlooked important thing is the company you hire to do the work.

You want a company full of people who are dedicated and hardworking as well as who have each other’s back. When there is teamwork like this, you know your workforce has a good work ethic!

What are the procedures involved in roof restoration?

What is roof restoration? Roof restoration is more of a research process where the roof plumber identifies the damage, then implements and executes the solution. Read on for more on the steps. 

Visual checks

Roofers need to check your home at the beginning of an inspection visually. There are likely signs of damage or leaks from past storms that need to be checked to determine how extensive repairs will be and what will likely be required. An initial visual check can yield useful information when determining the amount of repair work and the expenses involved. 

Roof inspections detect possible elements that must be dealt with promptly. The inspection includes many things, such as a ventilation inspection where mold growth, water stains, and bad odors might be identified. If the technician finds signs of any of these items, they should be addressed properly right away.

Consulting a professional

A professional roof plumber needs to tell you what kind of repair or restoration work they will have to do to bring the roof back to its original state. Many things contribute to the overall expense. But one thing often overlooked when estimating costs is whether you have enough on-site equipment for that specific project.

For example: Are you going to be able to use machinery like forklifts and cranes to transport heavy items? Talking to a professional will give you a glimpse. 

The breakdown of time needed for roof restoration

Occasionally, roofing services in Melbourne start with safety first! That is, ensuring that all the proper safety equipment is used during the roof repairs to maintain critical aspects of worker productivity. Depending on the roof size, this process can last for hours or even one day. 

Next, they take care of waterproofing and sealing your roof by ensuring there are no holes, cracks, or any other potential leaks! Guttering will also be done during this phase, making the entire process last for 1 to 2 days. If repointing and rebbeding are needed, the roof plumbers will work on your roof for two days. On the other hand, Roof shingle and sheathing Repairs will either take   1 or 2 days.

Lastly, two days may be spent on the primer-sealer to help set the tile and ameliorate any remaining shrinkage. The roof Protect roofing membrane goes on, complete with your color selection. A hue that looks most appealing to you! Heat-reflective paint is an optional extra and a highly recommended final inspection.

What’s the estimated lifespan of a roof after restoration?

When fully done, a roof restoration may last for two decades. It all depends on the preparation and perfect execution of the restoration tasks. More so, this needs to be done by a professional roof plumber. However, the time might be reduced depending on the intensity of UVs from the sun, the coat hue choice, and the speed of algae growth.

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Take away 

Roofing restoration is a vast procedure that can last for a week if it’s to be fully done. Otherwise, the minor sects such as gutter repair or cleaning can take even 2 days. Either way, you need to be careful not to pick roofing services that lack warranties since the repair materials are expensive. 

It would help if you chose a certified roof plumber. That way, you can be guaranteed to receive top-notch work from professionals who know how to get the job done right the first time without leaving any stone unturned. Contact Melbourne roof plumbers for quality and affordable services if you need roofing services in Melbourne today from reputable and reliable professionals.