Like any item you consume, how long a Puff Bar lasts differs significantly relying upon how frequently you use it.

Likewise, there are various sizes of Puff Bar gadgets, each with a different capacity. We like to give users an overall aide regarding what to expect from each, however the main concern is your usage will differ depending upon your vaping habits.

How Many Hits Are In A Puff Bar?

There are different types of Puff Bar gadgets available, each with a different capacity and battery life.  So the number of hits you get depends on which Puff Bar you are currently enjoying.

Puff Bar

 The Original Puff Bar is currently improved! It has convenient size and design that has brought forth such countless fans, however with a bigger 350mAh battery and combined with enough pre-filled e-fluid to get you up to 400 puffs. This is the reliable standard Puff Bar that so many have developed to cherish.

Puff Plus

The Puff Plus offers double the fulfillment of the original Puff Bar in somewhat a greater package. It has the similar sleek lines and colors, yet with a greater 550 mAh battery that gives you 800 puffs.

How To Get More Hits Out Of A Puff Bar

Since no one hits their Puff Bar precisely the same way, there is a bit of fluctuation with regards to the number of hits you can get out of every gadget. What makes Puff Bars a decent choice is their flexibility and convenience. Yet, we comprehend that everyone needs their Puff Bars to last their longest, so here’s a couple of tips to take advantage of every gadget.

Take Smaller Hits

When you take smaller hits from your Puff Bar, you can really make it last longer. Because smaller hits keep the cotton wicking system that holds the nicotine from drying out excessively fast.  You might believe you’re getting the most for your cash,when you take long, profound puffs. However, truly it puts a greater demand on the battery, and longer hits can heat the wick more and make it dry out faster.

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Vape Less Often

Yes, we all  know people who vape less often get more use out of their puff bar vapes. if you puff on your gadget the entire day then you will have a harder time trying to make a puff bar vape last more. But those who just take a couple of hits throughout the day can get more life out of their gadget.