Our brains are truly one of the most astounding organs that we have in our bodies. The weight of our brains is on average 3 pounds but if you really think about it, it is these three pounds that really make us intelligent creatures and define us as human beings.

Just like any other organ present in the human body, the brain is also susceptible to different kinds of injuries and it will also start to gradually decline in functioning, as we start to age and grow older. There are, however, some things that may help with regards to brain health. These include things like a proper diet and exercise schedule, actively trying to improve blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and also the levels of blood cholesterol in the body. If you do the above listed things then you will be able to maintain a much more healthy and also a younger brain.

Stimulating your brain is also pretty important when it comes to making sure that the brain is kept young. This is very important to keep the muscles of the brain strong, healthy and functional while also preventing it from declining in ability too quickly.

A lot of studies have been conducted on the topic and they all point to the fact that light therapy can significantly help the brain stay young. Research on the topic is still kind of in its infancy but everything points to light therapy being the future of medicine in general. It can really help with improving the cognitive functioning of the brain.

How Does Light Therapy Help?

When you go through a light therapy treatment, a device is placed on your head that emits particular forms of red and also near-infrared types of light. These then travel to our skills and are taken in by the brain. This really has the ability to help heal the brain cells that are damaged or any tissues that have been affected by events like stroke, to heal and to replenish.


The way light therapy is able to achieve this is by mainly stimulating the activity in the mitochondria in order to boost the production of ATP. It also has the ability to decrease inflammation and also mitigate oxidative stress. It will also be able to stimulate some particular cellular processes within the brain that can really help strengthen the organ.

How light therapy can help with brain healing

Improving memory, mood, and reaction time

Some of the first studies conducted on the matter and ones that made use of placebo, were able to exhibit the benefits of this type of treatment of the human brain back in 2013. A lot of improvements were noticed in participants who were able to receive Light Therapy when you compare them to the placebo group. The benefits of light therapy that these research participants experienced are as follows.

  • There was an improvement in reaction time. In particular, the participants were able to better respond to all sorts of visual stimuli.
  • The participants also reported that they felt like they had much better memory than before.
  • The research subjects also reported that they had much improved levels of mood. This is due to the fact that light therapy can help prolong more positive mental states.

The findings listed above encouraged scientists to dig further and to see what other benefits of light therapy there may be for the brain.

How it can help battle cognitive decline

In a study that was conducted fairly recently, researchers looked into treating older people who had more likelihood of developing noticeable cognitive decline than other demographic groups. Researchers were able to determine that light therapy was able to produce a very positive neurocognitive effect in these people who were aged between 49 and 90. A lot of the research participants also suffered from different kinds of cognitive decline due to some forms of vascular disease. However, light therapy was found to be extremely effective in combating these changes no matter what type of cognitive decline a person had.

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As this type of therapy was able to help the older participants in boosting their cognitive scores, the researchers also noticed that their brain waves power increased.  The brain waves are a sort of measurement of the electrical activity that is present in the brain.

Our thoughts, behaviors, and moods are generated by the communication between the neurons of the brain. One thing that is very important to mention here is that Alpha waves are normally known as the waves of the brain that keeps a person rooted in the present. On the other hand, Beta waves are known for influencing focus, attention, and also cognitive performance in general. Lastly, gamma waves are responsible for processing information.

The ways in which light therapy can help the body and mind as a whole is too long to list and it is definitely beyond the scope of this article. In fact, just to give you a perspective of the wide array of uses light therapy is put to, it happens to be one of the most effective methods of treating a lot of mental health disorders and it is also able to help rejuvenate the skin. Mental health and skincare are on the absolute opposite ends of the spectrum and there are no other therapy models that can treat and help with such a vast array of medical issues and problems.

One thing that you will want to make sure of before you go out to get a light therapy device for yourself is to make sure that you consult a doctor or a light therapy expert before your purchase. These people can best guide you through the process of selecting a light therapy device that will be suited for your particular needs.


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