Researchers have discovered that dogs can differentiate between bed bugs and other household pests. 

K9 detection is an excellent option for homeowners who want to discover if they have bed bugs or pests in their house. 

Bed bugs emit different pheromones, which dogs can be trained to sniff out. This is a great option, as dogs can find that pesky pest that hides in the deep crevices of your house. 

How K9 Detection Can Help You Find Bed Bugs 

What is a bedbug?

Bedbugs are small, flying insects that can cause serious itchiness and damage to the skin. They belong to the family of beetles known as Hemiptera and Cimicidae. Bedbugs are found throughout warm countries such as North America, Europe, and Asia.

What are the benefits of using K9 detection for bedbugs?

There are three significant benefits of K9 detection, these three benefits being: 

  • Early detection: One of the main benefits of using K9 detection for bedbugs is that it can help to identify insects early on. This will allow for better treatment and prevention. 
  • Keen Accuracy: It can help to pinpoint where the pests are located and, thus, easier control.
  • Fast and Efficient: Dogs can quickly and effectively find bed bugs and other pests much quicker than other methods. Faster detection can help to speed up the pest removal process. 

How It Works

Scent Detection Certification

Dog scent detection certification is an essential step in ensuring the safety of both humans and animals. 

The certification process includes the passage of a standardized dog scent identification test and a review of basic training and behavior guidelines. 

Certification can help ensure the fidelity of a dog’s scent to its owner or handler and protect other people and animals from potential danger.

Handler and Inspector (Dog) Search):

  • all box springs, mattresses, and bed frames
  • all headboards, footboards, and nightstands
  • all furniture
  • baseboards on walls adjacent to beds

 Handler and K9 Inspecting dog are looking for evidence of bed bugs such as: 

  • Live or dead bed bugs (these can be nymphs and adults)
  • Live or dead bed bug eggs
  • Bed bug shells (the bed bug’s exoskeleton)
  • Fecal matter 
  • Blood smears

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, K9 detection can help you find bed bugs. This is important because bed bugs can cause significant damage to clothes, furniture, and skin. By using K9 detection, you can help reduce the risk of these damages occurring and help prevent any more problems from happening.