In just a few years, NFT has risen to prominence as one of the most powerful digital assets. Moreover, it has grown to become one of the biggest innovations in the blockchain industry. 

Many participants in the NFT market have to do the work of discovering good projects themselves. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for new NFT-lovers to find and own NFTS.

RiseAngle Membership NFT (RAM) NFT solves this problem by making it easy for NFT-lovers in the market to discover and mint NFT projects with reliable and credible status. The RiseAngle team does all the work of discovering and recommending good NFT projects to the holder of RAM NFT, and this helps to reduce the work and the chance of getting scammed.

NFT Ownership


NFT has become one of the most important digital assets today. Thousands of people participate in the market in one form daily. The growth has led to many issues for seasoned participants and newbies who want to try it. First, there are many NFT projects in the hundreds coming out daily. Also, many projects have no real purpose but to defraud. Finally, it is hard for many people to participate in or own NFT due to fear of losing money.

It is important to understand how people discover, find, and own NFT today to understand this problem. This can be broken down into two broad categories:

  • Secondary sources such as OpenSea and social media platforms like Twitter or Discords
  • Direct primary sources

The primary source is when the participant takes time to research and seek out new projects based on their merits or demerits and then decides whether to purchase the NFT or not. While the primary source is an important part of discovering different NFT projects to purchase and own, most likely, the sources for the research are secondary. This makes it hard to find the right project to mint.

The secondary sources are not bad in themselves, but due to the number of projects being developed every day, they may not offer the best results for the users. This makes it important for the users to find ways to sieve through the whole information and find out what they need and what project to mint.

This is where RAM NFT comes in.

What is RAM NFT?

RAM NFT is a membership project by RiseAngle Inc that recommends good NFT projects that the holder should mint. For now, all of these NFT collections are created by RiseAngle team itself, but in the future, RiseAngle transforms its role to more of an aggregator rather than creator. The RAM project is already in its second generation.

To understand how this works, one needs to understand what membership in NFT is in the first place. Membership NFTs are NFT projects that offer utility to the holders that non-holders cannot access. The utility is usually transferable and only comes to the holder of the NFT at a particular time. It is a new concept in the NFT space, but it is already gaining traction in many parts of the industry, such as gaming, filming, and the food industry.

RAM NFT offers the holders of the NFT 12-month access to mint 12 NFT projects at the rate of one per month. Each of these projects is recommended to the holder of the RAM NFT. These NFT projects recommended for the holder are of different types, including 2D/3D gaming, Metaverse NFTs, and those with various utilities. The options are varied, giving the holder a diverse NFT set.

It is important to note that while RAM NFT is transferable, making it possible for it to be sold in the secondary market, the access is not indefinite. The buyer will only have access to the remaining period on the RAM NFT. So, if a RAM NFT stays for up to 3 months and is then sold, the new buyer will have access to mint the recommended NFT for the remaining nine months.

Why is RAM NFT important?

RAM NFT is a game-changer and is important on many levels. First, it is a game-changer with the power it gives to the holders of the NFT to get access to more NFT projects. This is redefining membership NFTs and the utility of the NFT itself.

It is also important as it removes the work of discovering new NFT projects to mint for the NFT-lovers and makes it easy. The holder of RAM NFT does not need to do the work of seeking out new NFT projects as the work has been done. The opportunity this will create will go beyond the current participants in the NFT space to bring in a lot of non-participants who want to know what is happening in the space without doing the actual work of discovering NFT projects. It makes it easy for everyone.

It is also important as it helps to reduce the chances of getting defrauded in the NFT market. There are many reports of different scams in the NFT market. Many people have lost millions of dollars to these fraudulent activities. With RAM NFT, the chances of this fraud are reduced as one gets access only to verified projects. It will save a lot of money for the participants in this space and help reduce fraud that is beginning to plague.


The growth of the NFT markets has led to tremendous development in NFTs. This can be seen in different projects that have been coming up. However, the rise of these projects is also a problem because it makes it difficult for individuals to find new projects to mint. It also increases the chances of fraud as people may be confused by the differences between different products and the sheer scale of it.

RAM NFT is solving this issue by making it easy for the holders of the NFT to discover good and verified projects to mint. This will help to sort out the fraud issue and make it easy for anyone who wants to participate in the NFT market to find what to do. The power and access it gives is a gamechanger in the NFT space.

RAM NFT is for everyone. Join the project’s discord, follow on Twitter and start minting at