With the advancement of technology, the concept of mobile marketing has evolved which has changed our lives in many ways.  The various aspects of mobile marketing have also changed the ways of businesses. Mobile is unique and is easier to carry everywhere and therefore the device has made it feasible for the advertisers to communicate to the world easily. Due to mobile, businesses now can instantly connect with the consumers 24*7. It has also made it compulsory for businesses to have a mobile presence. There are instances where companies have acquired clients only by connecting through mobile. With all these advancements in mobile technology, the PR world has been affected the most. If one defines disruption as the process that has the power to prevent something especially when it comes to a particular system or a process from further functioning, then we can say that the mobile technologies have disrupted PR. With the mobile technology, the entire tone, timescale as well as the scope have completely transformed the structure of PR.

What Is The Scope Of Mobile In PR?

As more companies today aim to increase their reputation and create a positive impact on the minds of the people, the profession of PR has evolved.  The best PR agencies in India have joined hands with PR professionals for reaching out to the public as well as media professionals. Now this PR landscape in which we operate functions largely through social media platforms as well as mobile devices. With every passing day, we can see how businesses are evolving and transforming. For instance, print publications have been replaced by digital news media and similarly, the traditional PR has limited scope today. One can opt for social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook along with blogs and online publications instead of the traditional forms of PR. The increase in the communication channels has obliged the PR professionals to join in a particular conversation or maximize results across various platforms. It has somewhat helped them to boost the online presence as well as the profiles of their client. If this was not the case, if mobile technologies were not upgraded, then even the big businesses would have fallen back in the twenty-first century.

Therefore, this makes it mandatory for the best PR agency in the world to adopt a multi-channel approach for the purpose of developing various communication strategies that evolve around both online platforms as well as traditional media. This makes room for the evolvement of digital PR into every communication campaign which can be done by aligning the objectives of the client with the social media platforms. For instance, LinkedIn must be chosen to build thought leadership while Instagram must be used for the placement of the product. On one hand, Twitter can be used for quick engagement, on the other hand, Facebook can be utilized for building effective community. Just thinking like a newspaper editor will not help anymore. This is the time when we have to think like other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As businesses have moved into these new channels, PR has now changed into a global phenomenon now in the era of mobile technology as communication has the potential to reach every audience worldwide. Thus, the PR agencies in the world now have the best communication strategies due to the use of mobile technologies.

What Should Be The Tone of PR Messaging?

Mobile has transformed the way how people consume news today and not where the news is consumed by them. That news can be in the form of just 140 characters in a visual snippet or as news headlines on mainlines. Therefore, the main objective of the PR professionals is to ensure engagement and develop content in meaningful ways so that it reaches out to the targeted audience.

Next, in case of the drafting the press releases or pitching the story, the PR must make it a point to ensure that the content pieces are engaging as well as in-depth pieces which can be used for long-term reading purpose.  Due to the advancement of mobile technology, the attention span of readers has become limited now and therefore it is urgent for PR professionals to draft short and crisp messages which are meaningful and are made SEO friendly so when even the best PR firms reach out to the media, they are able to convince the journalists and the editors. Due to such transformation, a new focus is given to content and the way the story is portrayed. As consumers today only may read the headlines, the top PR agencies are now practicing a very condensed style of communication information to create maximum impact on the minds of the people. In this case, mobile has changed the storytelling of PR which is now far beyond that written word. The content has now changed into infographics, video images instead of long essays so that the basic facts are presented to the audience who gets captivated to read such an interesting news piece. With the increase of popularity of social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, the necessity to create engaging visual content has become an important skill for every PR professional.

It is rare to hear that a PR campaign today has not included digital elements and has not embraced the mobile world. It is mandatory for every digital PR platform to integrate completely in the wider public relations strategies which include the creation of content across several social media platforms to designing websites to working on the visual content. This is because mobile has disrupted PR and has made it mandatory for us to implement new strategies for conducting business.