Ever since the evolution of the original Dying Light, gaming fans cannot have enough of the game. As such, when Dying Light 2 was launched this month, the crowd was bound to go bonkers. People could not imagine what it takes to have one of the world’s biggest games of this year create a big bang in the world. However, here we are talking about it! 

Read this article to learn more about Dying Light 2 and latest information regarding the same.

Dying Light 2 Is Exactly What The World Needed 

Dying Light 2 has a superb setting of a post-apocalypse world that is flooded with Zombies. Initially, Developer Techland was not sure about it, but as the video game went on to grow, there was no turning back. For its incredible setting that is full of excitement and adventure, there were nearly 18 million copies sold in very little time. If you desire to derive more information about this game, do not forget to visit https://www.gamivo.com/.

There is a reason people keep saying that Dying Light 2 is Techland’s most ambitious game. Today, it is also one of the biggest gambles in the industry, with a massive fan following. The Lead Game Designer, Tymon Smektala, also had numerous things to say about the game. Over time, he has been watchful of how Techland has made his vision come to reality with this game. Even in the middle of the pandemic, the game managed to surge and become one of the leading video games of 2022. That is an awe-inspiring thing to look at. 

Smektala Has A Lot To Confess Too 

As said by Smektala, before the release of Dying Light 1, we could have told that Techland was almost like a garage company, but things changed after that. It almost became a worldwide phenomenon that they became this more prominent company that was much more professional and driven.As such, it was evident that they were out there to achieve bigger things.

Dying Light 2 Is An Instant Success For Numerous Reasons 

Pawel Marchewka, the current CEO and founder of Techland, started to serve a growing audience of PC gamers during the early 1990s in Poland as a middle man company. Techland was one of the few companies that filled the void in Poland, which still needed a distributor when many games we see were released throughout Europe. Techland eventually developed its first game, Prawo Kiwi (The Law of Blood), in 1995 following early successes, inspired by then-popular hits like Mortal Kombat and Streets of Rage.

The developer has had its finger fixated upon its audience while the name of Techland took a while to catch on, releasing successful games like the Western-inspired Call of Juarez series. With the hit of Dead Island, Techland would ultimately venture into the Zombie sub-genre. Dying Light, the follow-up, represented a huge turning point. The breakout allowed Techland to pivot to bigger and better things.

In many ways, Dying Light was a game that hit at the right time. The Urban Parkour Movement was everywhere, the Walking Dead was the biggest show on the planet, and the original Dying Light was a clever mix that brought the best of those extremes together. Its seamless online co-op, which was incredibly compelling, made it all the more enticing.

The Holy Grail Of Video Games, Is It?

Since Dying Light 2 was born during the COVID-times, it will forever be remembered as a game that will be seen via that lens. The fan keeps talking about the brilliant performance and exceptional gameplay that swiped everyone off their feet during this time. Sufficient focus should also be brought towards fighting the Zombies, which made this game more enjoyable. When Smektala was engaged in a conversation with a source, they seemed pretty optimistic about the videogame Dying Light 2. He went on to say that the company aimed at portraying the condition of a city in such a way that it is up for a fractional war, and numerous Zombies surround them. 

In a latest interview, he also said that they have already declared that they will have another whole session of AAA-open world game in the procurement process. That is precisely what they are aiming at. They also said they would keep expanding Techland and work on the two different games. As a result, they will even start focusing on a third and fourth game in a row as per how it goes. They are expecting the fans to go with the flow and keep having faith in them for nothing but the best.

Moreover, they also say that they wish to continue to evolve. So, it is evident that the team is not looking to stop anywhere close. That is another main reason fans cannot have enough of them even after all this time. 

We cannot deny that one of the primary reasons this game is such a massive success today is the sheer hard work of the entire team. Recent sources suggest that the group was entirely focused on creating something out-of-the-box that helped keep the spirit of the original Dying Light alive. No wonder that was made possible without a second thought. 

The Bottom Line

Techland’s history and the success of Dying Light 1 are some of the driving forces behind this instant success of Dying Light 2. That is pretty obvious, isn’t it? However, Dying Light 2 is also made of several standout elements that make it one of a kind and worth trying out right away. That is why if you are a video game fan who cannot wait to make the most of it, we are here for you. Try this game out now, and we promise; you will not be disappointed. Please tap on the link we have mentioned above for you in the introduction section of our article and get going. Once you see the difference for yourself, you will keep coming back to us for more.