Packaging is a necessary part of the retail industry. Ecommerce retail businesses need specialized purpose-made packaging to support parcel delivery. Protection for products, easy accessibility and printing features are necessary traits of packaging. Ecommerce parcel delivery requires packaging that can be different than retail display packaging as well.

Packaging and its quality play a vital role in all kinds of parcel delivery requirements. Products need to be shipped from warehouses and retail outlets to their eventual users and buyers. Product safety through this journey has to be achieved with packaging materials and their characteristics. Read through to find out how much of a role packaging plays in ecommerce parcel delivery for buyers and sellers:

Packaging Plays a Vital Role in Product Protection

Products can be fragile. They also need to be shipped in their factory condition glory to end users and buyers. To achieve this, product manufacturers or ecommerce sellers need to come up with packaging solutions that suit. Ecommerce parcel delivery is big part of the business and needs to be done right.

Different kinds of products will get handled by people and placed in delivery vans where they might not go through favorable conditions. Damage to products from mishandling or during shipping delivery is commonplace. Cardboard packaging with die cut inserts usually supports products well enough.

Best ecommerce brands usually come up with their own top layer of ecommerce parcel delivery packaging for extra protection. Retail packaging might not always be the best suited for the delivery purposes. Specially designed protective boxes made from soft yet rigid enough materials are needed.

Packaging Adds Bulk and Heft to Parcels and Products

Of course, for maximum protection, you need to add soft and typically big packaging that can support the products. Cardboard boxes often work best for ecommerce parcel delivery. Whether you need to do next day courier services UK or same day delivery, packaging will play a vital role.

Often, on busy days, next day or same day courier becomes a problem when you have limited shipping vehicles. This is where smart and not too bulky boxes become more useful. You need to have packaging that doesn’t add too much bulk or heft at all to the products and parcels.

Also, smart not too bulky packaging may also reduce shipping costs in case of ecommerce parcel delivery. Choosing the right courier, you can get pretty good deals when you have small delivery boxes. Intelligent packaging designs tend to work out best for sellers and buyers alike.

Lightweight Packaging Is Necessary for Ecommerce Parcel Delivery

In addition to adding size and heft to the parcels, packaging can also add quite a bit of weight. If your ecommerce business channel doesn’t have its very own shipping department, you will need to get in touch with shipping and courier services. Prices for them tend to be higher for heavier parcels.

Door to door courier services tend to add more prices with every pound of weight. Some packaging materials and its sheer size can add quite a bit of weight to the overall parcel as well. For your ecommerce parcel delivery, you need to get packaging that is smart and light at the same time.

This is also where cardstock materials come in handy. Wooden boxes or plastic ones can be more readily available depending on where you live. But they will almost certainly be heavier and more expensive. Lighter packaging for ecommerce parcel delivery is always the best choice.

Retail Packaging Vs Parcel Delivery Packaging

Retail packaging will almost always be different than delivery specific packaging. Ecommerce parcel delivery is all about keep the products safe and getting them to customers in the desired shape. Retail packaging on the other hand is needed to make the products stand out on retail shelves.

When you choose a quality same day courier in UK service, they would know the best type of delivery packaging. Courier companies can add their own protective layer of delivery specific packaging in the ideal scenario. If not, ecommerce sellers need to ensure the best possible boxes for maximum safety.

However, retail packaging also needs a certain degree of product protection features. Nonetheless, packaging boxes play a vital role in ecommerce parcel delivery. Courier companies might also charge extra amounts if they are to add shipping focused boxes to parcels and products.

Portable Well-Shaped Packaging Always Wins

In the world of ecommerce, shipping products is just as important as making or sourcing them. Boxes containing products will be handled by different people at different stages. Shipping company team members will also have to handle boxes. Boxes that support all kinds of handling are always best.

Die cut handles are very useful on product packaging boxes. Ecommerce parcel delivery becomes a lot easier when boxes are easier to handle. This is probably the reason boxes usually extend outwards from the product dimensions as well. More portable and easy to handle boxes are, better they are moved.

Also, customers appreciate when they can easily move boxed products as well. Often, customers will want to repurpose packaging boxes as well. Better built boxes with portable handles on the side are much more useful. For ecommerce parcel delivery, packaging is as vital as the product itself.