Data loss due to accidental corruption is more common than you might think. Something as simple as spilling coffee on the table or dropping your phone on the sidewalk can cause data loss.

In the last year, most of us have worked from home under extremely unusual circumstances. With schools closed, many professionals have been forced to juggle working from home, home-schooling, childcare, and running a household from their dining room table. Accidents easily happen in moments of distraction. During the lockdown, when most shops and businesses were closed, computer repair businesses were able to stay open and operate to meet the increased demand for remote workers. TickTockTech is just a phone call away for IT support in Scarborough in regions such as M1C, M1M, M1H, M1G, and M1E, no matter how big or small your business is. Get skilled data recovery and technical help at a reasonable price.

As humans we all make mistakes and there is nothing we can do to change that, we are imperfect by our very definition! Knowing this, it is all the more important that we regularly and automatically back up our important work, photos, and data to avoid potential hassles and heartache in the future.

How heat can damage your hard drive?

Another side effect of working from home during lockdown is that our computers and other devices are being used for longer periods, resulting in mechanical and electrical components working harder and producing more excess heat. Heat is generally bad for computer systems, they need cooling, fans, and airflow to function properly. Without active cooling, most computers would stall before automatically shutting down for safety reasons!

Hard drives are also susceptible to heat damage.

If your hard drive temperature is too high, you will experience noticeable performance issues such as:

• Files take longer than usual to open

• Installed programs take a long time to fully load

• Your device takes a long time to wake up from sleep or standby mode

• Device becomes unresponsive or experiences input lag when typing, browsing the web, or playing games

• You may feel excessive heat coming from the device

• Computer fans spin louder than usual

Of course, you can take steps to ensure immediate cooling by turning off the device, placing it on a raised stand or cooling pad (for laptops), or removing the protective case (for phones), but prolonged excessive heat will damage the hard drive and other components inside.

To prevent this, monitor the temperature of your computer or phone and take reasonable steps to keep it cool:

• Reduce the ambient temperature in the room

• Improve airflow around the device

• Remove all dust and keep fans, vents, and exhausts as clean as possible

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You should not completely rely on a NAS or RAID system to back up your data, as they do not protect you from technological failure, natural disasters, power surges, or other extreme events that can cause serious data loss.

If you’re worried about data loss, whatever the reason, time is of the essence. Hard drive data recovery is a delicate process. The sooner you act, the higher the chance of recovery. You must contact our data recovery specialists as soon as possible to give you the best chance of recovery.