The heart is one of the most crucial organs of the body. It is the lifeline of our lives. Therefore, taking care of our hearts becomes our sole duty. However, have you ever contemplated how to care for your heart? Well, if you would have, you must have known that caring for your heart is not that tough. All you need is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and you are good to go. It isn’t difficult for people to care for their hearts with ayurvedic herbs such as Gokhru. It is one of the best herbs that helps to heal the heart in the best possible way. Let us know more about this.

Benefits of Gokhru- The Famous Herb

Gokhru benefits our bodies in multiple ways. Research has proved that regular intake of Gokhru benefits our hearts to a great extent. Here are some of the advantages that Gokhru has for the heart.

  • Controls cholesterol

We understand that you often stop eating your favourite spicy and oily food. It is because that food is simply not healthy for you and your heart. You will likely experience a cholesterol level if you don’t watch your diet soon. But with Gokhru, you can afford to take a cheat meal. It is because Gokhru benefits the heart by maintaining a low density of blood. It prevents the arteries from getting blocked.

  • Regulates blood sugar levels

Are you also craving your favourite sweets? But your doctor has advised you to avoid all the sweets from your diet. Your doctor’s suggestion is not futile, as high blood sugar levels are often risky for the heart. They can trigger cardiac arrests and strokes for no reason. But Gokhru benefits your heart by regulating the blood sugar levels in the body. It helps to manage insulin levels easily without causing any weakness.

  • Maintains blood pressure

Do you know that around 17% of heart problems arise from high blood pressure? When the blood pressure increases, it exerts tremendous pressure across the vessels. It can burst up arteries, resulting in the instant failure of the heart. Gokhru benefits by managing our blood pressure even during strenuous conditions. It goes a long way to give us a healthy heart.

Side effects of Gokhru

With all these advantages being discussed, there is a need to know if there are any possible side effects of having Gokhru. Here are some scientifically proven facts that will make you mindful of having Gokhru.

  • It reduces platelet count.

Gokhru is known for increasing the overall temperature of the body. At times, it becomes the reason for infection if consumed too much. It directly reduces the platelet count of the body. In such a situation, people wonder how to increase platelet count. Gokhru should not be consumed beyond the given levels prescribed. One must be conscious of the quantity consumed.

  • Causes rashes

If your skin is sensitive, you must be careful about consuming Gokhru. The heat produced by Gokhru may force you to wonder how to increase the platelet count and cause rashes and acne on your skin. So therefore, even if you are consuming Gokhru, make sure to have good katara and other cooling agents in your diet.


We now understand that even if an ingredient is made explicitly for the heart, it must be consumed within the levels prescribed. This is because of the simple reason that excess of everything is terrible. One cannot simply consume Gokhru as such as one wants. A specific quantity must always be taken care of in every situation.