The new Skin Care Product from Panasonic is the PDO THREAD LIFT PRP. If you have ever read about the Volume Skin System, the Panasonic brand just may be a natural progression for you. This is an all-natural, completely safe, and effective hair loss treatment that helps to rejuvenate the skin with its proprietary delivery system containing key ingredients designed specifically to promote cell growth. This product comes in both a lightweight lotion and cream.

What does this mean to you Thread lift?

It means your hair follicles will receive a whole load of essential nutrients including proteins necessary for supporting the growth of healthier hair. The growth of hair on any part of your body can be greatly affected by a lack of essential proteins. These proteins are not found in typical commercial hair growth shampoo products. By using these shampoos you will be stripping away the important proteins your follicles need to keep your hair healthy.

Additionally, there are some rather major benefits to be gained through the use of volume skincare products. They tend to work to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin and to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some women have noticed their facial skin looking smoother and more radiant after using the volume products. They have also reported having fewer acne problems and fewer breakouts when using them. In fact, many users have found that these creams help to prevent breakouts by reducing inflammation and creating a healthier environment in which bacteria grow.

PDO THREAD LIFT PRP Skincare line of products:

One key ingredient in the ZO Skincare line of products is called elastin. Elastin is a protein that your body produces naturally to keep your connective tissues and muscles in good shape. When you are younger, elastin production is fairly high. As you get older, elastin production decreases. This makes it much easier for your follicles to become damaged, which leads to thinning of your hair.

By restoring the levels of elastin production in your scalp, you can promote the growth of new hair that is stronger and will grow longer than what it is currently growing. You will also be able to prevent further hair loss from happening to your hair. With all these benefits, you definitely need to give topical solutions such as ZO Skincare products a try.

Ingredients in ZO Skincare products:

The ingredients in ZO Skincare products such as PRP strengthen the hair-growing follicles in your scalp. By promoting the growth of stronger hair-growing cells, you will get thicker hair that will be stronger and will last longer than what it is currently growing. This gives you thicker hair with fewer worries about your hair becoming damaged, falling out, or breaking off. It is definitely worth trying a product that helps promote hair-growing follicles.

Another great thing about ZO Skincare is that they work naturally. You do not need to use any harsh chemicals on your skin when you use it. You also do not need to visit a salon to get this type of treatment done. ZO Skincare can help you with your skincare needs, no matter what type of skin you have. You will no longer have to go to a beauty salon for help with your skin.


The introduction of ZO Skincare products such as the PDO THREAD LIFT PRP is another step forward towards the prevention and treatment of baldness. ZO Skincare makes sure that it does not just help you with your skin but also with your hair growth. It gives you thicker hair while preventing further damage to your follicles and skin. It also promotes the growth of new hair-growing cells. With all these benefits, you can now say goodbye to your hair loss problems and go for a full head of hair in just a few weeks.