Wristwatches are the most versatile and dynamic jewelry for men. Hatton Garden Watches at Trilogy Jewellers are the expression of your personality and oomph. You can easily find watches that are simple, classic, dynamic, sophisticated, or edgy.

While such vast variety is a boon, it also makes the choice of the right watch perplexing. While you can choose a watch based on your taste, you should also keep the level of formality of the event in mind.

A funky sports watch would be a mismatch for a formal business dinner but a luxury sports watch might work. Here is a guide to assist you to pick a watch that fits the event’s formality completely.

  • Understanding popular watch categories

Unfathomable advancements in technology have allowed watchmakers to design watches that are far more sophisticated than traditional timepieces. Here is a broad categorization that helps you understand the watch types and style them accordingly.

  • Dress watch

These are considered the most formal timepieces with typically hours, minutes, and seconds and have a white face and a leather band. Some exceptions can also display the date with no complicated interface.

  • Diver’s watch

Divers watches are also called tool watches and are somewhat formal. However, teaming them with a suit is a big fashion miss, unless you have a James bond personality.

  • Sports watch

Sports watches are feature-rich and display a wide assortment of parameters like a compass, pulse rate, etc. These watches are best suited with casual attires. However, you can pick some highly elegant and sophisticated timepieces from luxury brands to match your formals.

  • Pilot’s watch

These are big watches with a large crown and diameter. These can also be operated while wearing gloves. Their size and ease of operation make them the best fit for winters. Pair a pilot watch with a pilot jacket or a trendy coat and leather gloves to elevate your winter look.

  • Matching your watch with the outfit according to the formality level

Most often men’s jewels also render a purpose apart from enhancing the look and overall appeal. For that wearing them wrong can flop your attire at multiple levels. Let us take a look at different formality styles and how to match your watches with them.

  • Black-tie outfit

This is a strictly formal style that calls for utmost simplicity. Often people find it rude to even refer your watches. A dress watch with a simple face and black leather band is ideal for such outfits.

  • Business formals

Business formals also deny any complicated style and call for simplicity. You can pick a thin dial watch in gold or silver to keep it straightforward and classy.

  • Business casuals

A low-hued suit without a tie is often the go-to apparel for business casual events. While you do not have to stick to formal timepieces, you should also refrain from edgy and funky ones. A High-end pilot or sports watch would make a great choice.

  • Casuals

This category is liberal and allows you to pick any kind of watch that you want. You can ditch your formals and go for some edgy metal band timepieces. Digital watches work specifically well with casuals.

  • Sporty outfits

Sports events are mostly rough spaces and wearing high-end sophisticated watches would not be practical. You should ideally choose watches that are well protected to withstand the tough sports environment and allow you to focus on your activities.