A decade ago, many people would have never heard the term “social media”. Today, however, basic human needs are changing. Previously, these were shelter, food, cloth, and shelter. But now we can add mobile, internet, and social media to this list. Social media is now a key part of man’s social life. Social media is based on communication as its primary goal. Is this a realistic motto?

Communication and Social Media

The way we communicate has changed dramatically since the advent of social media. Communication was not without its limitations. But with the advent of social media, communication is becoming more accessible. Social media has opened up new avenues for communication and reshaped old ones. Social media has changed how the world views communication. Increased speed and urgency in communication have created a need for people to share information. This has allowed people to gain an inside view of distant places and made digital messages more personal. Modern communication has replaced the traditional methods of communication. Like everything else, there are two sides to this idea. The optimistic side is the most common, while the pessimistic side is more common.

Positive effects of social media on communication

While analyzing the benefits social media has on communication. The speed of communication is the first and most important benefit. Social media appears to have the potential to solve the problem of slow communication that was a major flaw in the old communication system. Messages are delivered in fractions of seconds. Notifications and instructions are sent to multiple people in a matter of seconds. People with common interests form groups to accomplish a goal. Surveys show that 39% felt more connected to their friends due to social media, while 26% said they have more friends as a result of it. People from different cultures can also meet without boundaries and constraints. By initiating a conversation, social media allows random people to meet one another.

Social media is not limited to Whatsapp and Facebook only. In the last couple of years, Instagram has been the most used mobile application ahead of Whatsapp and Facebook on the list. People can also showcase their talents on various apps. Talented individuals from rural and remote regions that were previously unknown or not noticed are now looking for attention. Social media is making many artists and arts more popular. There are many ways to do different things. These ideas and methods are constantly being shared. Youtube and other social media networks have helped many singers gain popularity and have been a major factor in their rise to fame.

Negative effects of social media on communication

Let’s now look at some of the cons. The main purpose of social media was communication. Although the purpose appears to have been fulfilled externally, it seems that the heart of communication has disappeared. Although the speed of communication has improved, the reliability of the communication has suffered. Every day, fake news is spreading more widely. Social media interactions dominate online and offline conversations in this age of technology. People are becoming lazy because of the ease with which they can connect to others via social media. According to studies, 11 percent of adults prefer to stay at home and post on Facebook on weekends rather than going out and experiencing real-life experiences. People are losing interest to meet others in person.

Every day, the chances of having meaningful and good conversations is decreasing. Short messages like kk, cus, cus, and tc ruin the beauty of the language. They also don’t do justice to syntax and grammar. Overuse of social media can also lead to a decline in informational skills. Social media interactions can sometimes be misleading or not specific, leading to major misunderstandings among people. People also get used to being alone, which can reduce or degrade their creativity and greatly affect their thinking abilities.

Social Media and Social Skills

We may have many online friends through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What about the people we share our daily lives with? While the distances between us may have been reduced, our relationships with those we live close to are becoming increasingly distant. People are more interested in communicating with Facebook friends than the real people. Face-to-face communication is still the most important aspect in general communication. However, social media has made it less important. This has led to a decline in moral values in society. All actual feelings are now abstract. People’s attention to real and tangible things is declining, while their attraction to imaginary things is growing in the same way. One man once referred to as a “social animal” has become a “social media animal”. Every day, social media dependence is growing. Typing speed has replaced talking speed. People are becoming slaves to technology and losing their natural tendencies.

We need to communicate more quickly and be more precise with our time due to increasing globalization and industrialization. These are the main reasons social media cannot be ignored. Social media can be a blessing if used in a controlled manner. Social media regulation and restrictions can help us communicate more efficiently, effectively, and reliably. However, if social media misuse continues as it is, then the heart of the communication concept might be destroyed which may never be repaired again.

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