As time goes by more and more people see the effect of the Covid-19, which has changed our lives and influenced dozens of industries around the world. Gambling is no exception. Bitcoin Casino Review’s website has created astonishing infographics, where readers are able to see the effect of the pandemics on the gambling sector.

If we dive deep into these visuals, we can find that the most damage was taken by land-based casinos, because of the state regulations. The gambling venues were forced to close the traditional gambling establishments. After that it’s not a surprise that the number of people who started to gamble online increased. About 50% of them who were gambling during pandemics were doing so because the land-based casinos were closed. In addition to that, as many people lost their jobs and they had a lack of financial income, they decided to generate money with the help of online gambling. Some people as well started to gamble online because of the stress they were getting during the Covid-19 lockdowns. 

The infographics provided by the Bitcoin Casino Reviews show that about 30% of the UK’s population have registered to online casino websites and 5% of the population made their first casino accounts. Around the world, more than 23% of the people were spending longer than 1 hour playing online casino games. The infographics also show what were the most played online casinos games in the industry. If you find this data interesting you can get even more on the website of the Bitcoin Casino Review. 

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