Are you a fan of football or follower or is a huge football fan? If yes, then you need to be looking forward to the coming qualifying matches that will ensure the participation of national teams in the world’s most famous global football competition.

The fans and supporters of national teams such as Canada or teams from Canada and the United States are very excited about these matches because they are essential to the team’s participation in the coming major international event. Check out the article for more about how Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Work.

About FIFA 2022 WC Qualifiers

In accordance with the rules and rules of FIFA the national teams have to play qualifying games and meet the requirements for qualification to be eligible for the 2022 World Football cup. The FIFA qualifiers are classified according to continents as well as the amount of teams who are able to qualify from a particular continent differs according to the continent. Also read about Keto Strong diet!

Teams that have qualified from these will be selected to play in groups stage games, which will be played in 2022 WC matches. The teams that are from those on the North American continent have to get to the stage of qualifying by participating in CONCACAF qualifiers that are held between March 2021 and March 2022.

How Does Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Work ?

  • There are 35 nations within the CONCACAF.
  • Round, which is one among the qualifying rounds, is comprised of six groups. the winner of six groups advances onto the subsequent stage.
  • Round two is comprised of matches between the winners of the previous round and, out of the six teams the three winners qualify for the next round.
  • The three winners then compete against the top FIFA teams in CONCACAF. The teams compete against one another while the best three teams are able to qualify directly.

Revised Schedule

  • Window 1 for the first round will run from the 24th of March through 31st March, 2021. Learn more about how Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Work .
  • Window 2 of the initial round will run from 2nd until 8th June 2021.
  • Second and first round of the round are scheduled for 12th June 2021 and 15th June 2021, respectively.
  • The third round will be held from September 2nd 2021 until the 30th of March 2022.
  • Matchday 1-3 runs from 2nd September through the 8th of September in 2021.
  • Matchday 4 and 5 is scheduled for 7th September through 13th September 2021.
  • The matchdays 7 and 8 is scheduled to be played between November 8th between 8th and 16th November in 2021.
  • Matchday 9-12 is scheduled to take place between 27th January and February 2nd, 2022. Know on How Does Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Work.

Matchday 12-14 will take place from March 24th until 30th March 2022. Following the conclusion in the qualifiers on the 14th Matchday the complete list of teams that can take part in the 2022 football world cup, scheduled expected to be hosted in Qatar will be released.


Qualifiers are crucial for national teams as they can help in securing an opportunity to participate in the forthcoming Football World Cup. To learn more about the subject go to

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